Every day counts

We know that getting ready in the morning and getting every member of the family where they need to be at the right time is challenging. The start of the day is the optimal learning time for growing brains, and we would like to ask for your support as we renew our focus on ensuring all students are at school, each day, on time, ready for learning.

We encourage you to build strong routines with your child to ensure they are at school ready for learning at 9:00am each day. Our teachers pack each minute of classroom time with valuable academic and social-emotional learning, and our students have the best outcomes when they are present in classrooms right from the first bell.

Our teachers have shared insights about what occurs in their classroom at the start of each school day:

Within the first 5-minutes of school, students are:

  • Students are starting the day with a collaborative, social task that encourages connections to their peers.
  • Morning greetings are happening which builds teacher-student and peer-to-peer connections.
  • Students are unpacking their daily schedule which helps them understand what learning they are engaging in. Students feel prepared for their day.

Within the first 10- to 15-minutes of school, students are:

  • Students are participating in their first mini lesson for the day, where they are learning and practising a skill connected to reading, writing and/or numeracy.
  • Some mini lessons have already finished, and students are engaged in a learning task.
  • A fun warm-up task or provocation is shared with the class to get them excited for learning.
  • Students may be participating in a one-on-one conference or strategy group with their teacher to build on specific knowledge or skills.

When students are absent from school for a day, they may have missed:

  • A lesson which fits into a sequence, meaning there will be gaps in knowledge or skill attainment. Students may find it hard to engage with the next lesson when they are back at school.
  • A strategy group or conference is missed where students receive targeted, one-on-one support from their teacher.
  • Their weekly specialist class. As specialists only see each class once per week, students will not be able to have the content they missed repeated.
  • Assessment tasks, which help us know exactly where students are in their learning, and what support they need to keep growing.
  • A day of play and connection with friends and their teachers. These social experiences are invaluable to building belonging and a sense of wellbeing at school.

We appreciate that illness can be commonplace for primary aged children and some absence cannot be avoided. When children are healthy and well, we want to see them at school every day, on time, to form and maintain social connection and ensure learning continuity. If you are having difficulties getting your child to school on time for any reason, please reach out so we can support wherever possible