March 8th 2024

Issue 3

Important Dates to Remember

 Term 1 
 Wednesday 13th March - Monday 22nd MarchYear 3 and Year 5 NAPLAN
 Friday 15th March 2024Harmony Day Celebration
 Friday 22nd March 2024Ride 2 School
 Tuesday 26th March 2024Celebrations of Learning
 Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th March 2024School photos
 Thursday 28th March 2024Last day of Term 1 – Early Finish 2:30pm

 Term 2 
 Monday 15th April 2024Students resume
 Thursday 25th April 2024ANZAC Day public holiday
 Friday 26th April 2024Year 6 Interschool Sport - ROUND 1
 Friday 3rd May 2024Year 6 Interschool Sport - ROUND 2
 Monday 6th May - Friday 10th May 2024Polyglot Theatre 3- 6
 Friday 10th May 2024Year 6 Interschool Sport - ROUND 3
 Friday 17th May 2024Year 6 Interschool Sport - ROUND 4
 Wednesday 22nd May - Friday 24th May 2024Year 5/6 Campaspe Downs Camp
 Friday 24th May 2024Year 6 Interschool Sport - ROUND 5
 Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May 2024Reconciliation Week
 Wednesday 29th May 2024Division Cross Country - Brimbank Park
 Friday 31st May 2024Year 6 Interschool Sport - ROUND 6
 Friday 7th June 2024Year 6 Interschool Sport - ROUND 7
 Monday 10th June 2024King’s Birthday public holiday
 Friday 14th June 2024GRAND FINALS - Year 6 Interschool Sport
 Friday 28th June 2024Last day of Term 2 – Early Finish 2:30pm

 Term 3 
 Monday 15th July 2024Students resume
 Monday 12th August - Friday 16th August 2024Science Week
 Monday August 12th - Friday 23rd August 2024P-4 Intensive swimming
 Friday 16th August 2024National Day of Action Against Bullying
 Monday 19th August - Friday 23rd August 2024Book Week
 Thursday 22nd August 2024District Athletics - Essendon Little Athletics Track
 Monday 9th September - Wednesday 11th September 2024Year 3/4 Anglesea Camp
 Tuesday 10th September 2024Division Athletics - Keilor Athletics Track
 Friday 20th September 2024Last day of Term 3 – Early Finish 2:30pm

 Term 4 
 Monday 7th October 2024Students resume
 Tuesday 5th November 2024Melbourne Cup public holiday
 Tuesday 19th November 2024Foundation Transition Session 1
 Tuesday 26th November 2024 Foundation Transition Session 2
 Tuesday 3rd December 2024Foundation Transition Session 3
 Tuesday 10th December 2024Statewide Transition Day (Step-Up Day)
 Tuesday 17th December 2024Year 6 Graduation (TBC)
 Friday 20th December 2024Last day of Term 4 – Early Finish 1:30pm

Principal's Message

This week, Kathy and I attended the Western Melbourne Area Principal Forum as we do each term. These forums bring together over 200 School Leaders and Regional staff to discuss current puzzles of practice, to review state and area data, and to plan collaboratively and strategically for our next steps towards continual improvement. As critical viewers of media, we know that headlines and social media trends share one perspective on broad and complex issues and education is often at the centre of these stories. This term, we celebrated the enormous successes of our Victorian schools in our achievement and engagement data. Despite the extended disruptions during the emergence of COVID, Victorian students have the highest school attendance data in the country. Viewing this data, we took time to celebrate our own work in this space at Footscray Primary School. Thanks to the work of our teachers and leaders and the ongoing support of all of our parent community, our 2023 absence data was lower than that of similar schools, network schools and the state average. Even with these wins, we still had 26% of our student population absent for more than 20 days across the school year and we encourage you to reach out if you require additional support with your child’s attendance.

The highlight of the Principal Forum was the Acknowledgement of Country. After impressing the crowd at our recent network meeting, Liam Rose and Finlo Manning were invited to join us at Flemington Racecourse to present the Acknowledgement of Country to the Western Melbourne school leaders. Finlo read the class acknowledgement in English and Liam read in Italian. We received an enormous amount of positive feedback from our colleagues across the rest of the day about how confident, courageous, amusing and talented our students were. We couldn’t agree more - thank you Liam and Finlo (and Chris for being their chauffeur).

Principals Forum

School Council Departing Members

We have a number of School Council Members who are finishing their terms on School Council this year; parent members Tim Liston, Clare Green, and Meredith Jones and staff members Emily Roberts and Kathy Winton.

The time and effort that council members contribute is an invaluable resource for the successful operation of our school and their partnership is truly appreciated.

Tim has worked hard behind the scenes leading the Buildings and Grounds Committee and has been pivotal in the organisation and implementation of working bees, coordination of quotes and maintenance tasks, the design and installation of our Gaga Pits, and most recently he coordinated the placement of our giant rocks at the back of the oval - a new favourite place for outdoor teaching and learning and creative play. Tim also contributed to many other aspects of council and has always played an active role in ensuring the students remain at the centre of our decision making.
Clare and Meredith were both heavily involved in the school community prior to their term on council. They participated in countless projects and events, most recently committing many hours (likely way too many!) of their lives to the successful coordination of the 160th Community Day Celebration. Clare played a major role in coordinating the historical artefacts and Meredith was the artist and facilitator of the beautiful mural we are proud to display in our foyer. You can read about the story of the mural in books available at the office and in the library. Whilst their children have now made the transition into secondary teaching, we hope to see Clare and Meredith around the local area and at future school events.
Emily has been on School Council since 2020 when she arrived on the FPS scene as a first year teacher. Moving through a number of years of significant change and improvement, Emily has always been able to offer a voice on behalf of our teaching team when considering challenges and tough decisions. Emily’s contributions have been valued by all members of the group and we thoroughly enjoyed watching her growth as the fabulous secretary extraordinaire. The initial years of teaching are extraordinarily hard and we have always been in awe of Emily’s capacity to take new learning in her stride and commit to FPS above and beyond what is expected.
Kathy has brought a wealth of knowledge, time and effort to her role on School Council and gave more than an ok amount of blood, sweat and tears to the coordination, promotion, and delivery of the 160th Community Day. This isn’t the first time Kathy has joined School Council and whilst I wasn’t around in her previous term, I have no doubt that her contributions were just as critical then as they have been this time around. I rely on Kathy as a leadership partner every day and this extended to the School Council where I could always count on her to respectfully challenge and question and to articulately represent the voice of students, staff and leaders.

Thank you councillors.

International Women’s Day

International Women's Day is March 8.

Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that's diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women's equality. Collectively we can all #InspireInclusion.

Celebrate women's achievement. Raise awareness about discrimination. Take action to drive gender parity.

International Women’s Day belongs to everyone, everywhere. Inclusion means all International Women’s Day action is valid.

Footscray Primary School celebrates diversity and inclusion, recognising and celebrating the achievements of women in the past, present and future.

Harmony Week

On Friday the 15th of March we will be celebrating Harmony Day. The theme is ‘Everyone Belongs’. Harmony Week is a celebration that recognises our diversity and brings together Australians from all different backgrounds. It is about inclusiveness, respect and creating a sense of belonging for everyone. Please wear the colour orange or an outfit that represents your culture to school to show your support and recognition that we all belong at FPS.

Ride 2 School

On Friday the 22nd of March we will be celebrating Ride 2 School. We encourage all FPS community members to ride, scoot, skate or walk to school.

There will be a free breakfast for all students from 8:30am, kindly sponsored by Minister Blandthorn. If you would like to volunteer to help support our breakfast, please contact Kim Hutchinson (

Community Bike Hub has also kindly offered to provide a bike tune-ups from 8:30 -9:30. So if your bike needs some love, please bring it in on the day and they will be able to give you a hand fixing it up.

All events will be held under the Palestra.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)

Footscray Primary school is dedicated to fostering a supportive environment that promotes student engagement and learning. We are committed to utilising the evidence based School Wide Positive Behaviour framework to create a constructive learning environment.
At FPS, we believe in nurturing respectful, responsible, and kind members of our community. To achieve this, we have developed a structured approach focused on explicitly teaching, monitoring, and rewarding positive behaviours. This approach aligns our academic systems to emphasise the importance of upholding our behaviour expectations.
We are thrilled to introduce our new behaviour matrix, which outlines the behaviour expectations we endorse and encourage at FPS. Created with the creative expertise of Sarah Morrison, a parent and director at Wonder+Work Design Studio, these visuals are available in both English and Italian to ensure inclusivity and clarity for all members of our diverse community.

SWPBS Behaviour Matrix

When our students exhibit any of these behaviour expectations, they are rewarded with tokens. These tokens can then be redeemed using our individual reward menu. This system not only reinforces positive behaviour but also empowers students by giving them choices in their rewards.

SWPBS Token Menu

We look forward to sharing more about our SWPBS framework and how it works at FPS over the year. You can find out more information about our SWPBS here:

Parent Gardening Volunteers

We are looking for parent volunteers to help support our growing gardens. Volunteers will need to have their WWCC and complete the volunteer training induction module at the office.

Volunteer gardening support might look like:
Organising or participating in school working bees
Supporting with heavy work (not suitable for students) such as rotation of compost, soil moving and planting, facilitating organisation of shed.
Assisting our gardening group to set up little stalls to sell seeds and products produced during the term
Liaising with external organisations to support educational gardening/cooking experiences
Attending our small group gardening experiences to help engage students in fun, educational learning experiences including cooking opportunities

Please complete the following form if you would like to volunteer

Contact Jenny Campbell ( if you have any questions.

Community Information

Maribyrnong City Council - sessions coming up
Early Years - Parenting in Maribyrnong Sessions Flyer
Reading Club Flyer
Early Years - Triple T : Tips for Toilet Training

FPS Community Pantry
Do you ever find it hard to keep your pantry stocked? Why don’t you come and take what you need from the Footscray Primary School Community Pantry? It’s near the office area and you are welcome to visit every week!

This term we are focussing on breakfast.

How to donate: Bring your food items to the office; you can pop them on the shelves of the Community Pantry yourself (located just outside the library) or hand them over to our lovely admin staff in the office.

Thank you! 

FPS Community Pantry

Flyer Young Future Shapers