June 11th 2024

Issue 8

Important Dates to Remember


 Term 2 
 Wednesday 12th June 2024Public Reporting Meeting 3.45pm
 Friday 14th June 2024GRAND FINALS - Year 6 Interschool Sport
 Monday 17th June - Tuesday 18th June 2024Student-Led Conferences
 Friday 28th June 2024Last day of Term 2 – Early Finish 2:30pm

 Term 3 
 Monday 15th July 2024Curriculum Day (Student free day)
 Monday 12th August - Friday 16th August 2024Science Week
 Monday August 12th - Friday 23rd August 2024P-4 Intensive swimming
 Friday 16th August 2024National Day of Action Against Bullying
 Monday 19th August - Friday 23rd August 2024Book Week
 Thursday 22nd August 2024District Athletics - Essendon Little Athletics Track
 Monday 9th September - Wednesday 11th September 2024Year 3/4 Anglesea Camp
 Tuesday 10th September 2024Division Athletics - Keilor Athletics Track
 Friday 20th September 2024Last day of Term 3 – Early Finish 2:30pm

 Term 4 
 Monday 7th October 2024Students resume
 Monday 4th November Pupil Free Day (Cup Eve)
 Tuesday 5th November 2024Melbourne Cup public holiday
 Tuesday 19th November 2024Foundation Transition Session 1
 Tuesday 26th November 2024 Foundation Transition Session 2
 Tuesday 3rd December 2024Foundation Transition Session 3
 Tuesday 10th December 2024Statewide Transition Day (Step-Up Day)
 Tuesday 17th December 2024Year 6 Graduation (TBC)
 Friday 20th December 2024Last day of Term 4 – Early Finish 1:30pm

Principal's Message

Thank you for all of your support and friendly smiles as we continue to manage the challenges brought about by winter illness. We know split classes can cause disruption to learning and wherever possible we aim to engage CRTs to cover classes. We encourage our staff to take leave when they are unwell so that they can be their best selves in front of your children and to prevent the spread of illness. We ask that you also keep your young people home when they are unwell.

Tree Climbing

Up until now, we have allowed students to climb our trees up to a safe height which has been marked by a blue line. From now on, we will be changing this rule and asking students not to climb the trees. I know a number of our students will be sad about this change and I ask for your support in speaking positively about it with your young people.
Many students want to climb higher than the line deemed safe according to OHS advice, and I am sure that outside of school that is permitted (and hopefully encouraged!), however, at school we have many regulations we need to follow to maintain a safe environment. Unfortunately, we are having daily incidents where students are repeatedly climbing beyond the line and not complying or becoming disrespectful when asked by teachers to climb down.
Additionally, with the number of children playing and climbing, our once healthy trees are getting bent and broken which is very sad for us to see. At the front of the school in the lovely grassed area, there are a number of broken trees, and many plants in the garden beds have been damaged. Our students love being in nature and the build up of healthy trees creates gorgeous play spaces that we hope will return as we make this change and look after both our young people and our trees. Thank you for your support.

Property Misuse and Damage

Could I ask all families to have a conversation with their young people about respecting school property and spaces to reinforce the messages we will be sharing at school. In recent weeks, we have seen an increase in some pretty uncool treatment of our buildings and grounds, particularly the student toilets. This includes tagging in the Palazzo and Edwardian toilets (possibly from older visitors after school), throwing wet toilet paper on the walls and ceiling, deliberately clogging toilets, pouring hand soap over the floors, spilling food and drink on the floors, broken exit signs from running and trying to touch high fixtures, digging holes in pathways, damaging our new Indigenous plant signs, removing fixtures from pipes, and scratching paint off poles and walls. Our students are generally very respectful of each other, our staff and our spaces and we encourage everyone to notify a teacher if they see anyone damaging school property so we can work together to keep our school in good condition.

FPS Social Club Appreciation

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the members of our FPS social club and all the other parents and carers who contributed to the very successful FPS School Disco. As you likely know, the social club has a fabulous system where tickets are by donation of either $0, $8.50, or $15. The system allows for all young people to attend, regardless of the family’s current financial situation and this was reflected in the spread across the three donation categories. The profits will remain with the FPS Social Club to fund future inclusive events.

An extra special thank you to Pippa, Simone, Jo, Jane, Meg, Susie, Marta, Sam, Torey, Dani, Mollie, Justine, Geraldine, Erika, Chantelle, and Eliza. Thank you for creating these special moments for our students.

Public Reporting Meeting

This coming Wednesday, June 12, I will be sharing our 2023 Annual Report in our Public Reporting Meeting. The annual report summarises our progress towards school goals, achievement data, highlights, finances, and where we are heading next. There is plenty of opportunity to ask questions also. It’s a great way to get a picture of where we are at and how we are moving forward. Chris will be supervising the Palazzo playground during the meeting so you can come straight upstairs to the professional learning centre and join us. The more the merrier!!

School Saving Bonus

You may have seen the announcement of the School Saving Bonus, as part of the Victorian Budget 2024/25.
This one-off support will include $400 for each student enrolled in a Victorian government school to help families cover the costs of school uniforms and activities in 2025.
Cash will not be paid directly to individuals or families. Instead, families will receive the bonus as credits on their school accounts that will help meet the costs of your children’s activities and uniforms.
The School Saving Bonus support will be in addition to existing and continuing means-tested supports for camps, sports, excursions and uniforms - CSEF.
The application-based Affordable School Uniform program, through State Schools’ Relief, will continue to be available to families experiencing financial hardship or other forms of vulnerability and short-term crisis. This program allows schools to make multiple applications for support on parents' behalf throughout the year if needed.
There will be more information and guidance about the School Saving Bonus in Term 3, 2024, ahead of its implementation in 2025.

COVID Prevention and Testing

Consistent with the closure of other free distribution programs, Victorian government schools no longer have access to free Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs). We strongly encourage you to purchase some RATs to have on hand in case your child experiences COVID symptoms.

To minimise the risk of infection and in line with department advice, we will contact you to collect your child from school if they are symptomatic and ask you to keep them at home until they are free from cold, flu and COVID symptoms.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

School Council Update

Hello FPS community,

I am bringing you our latest school council report as a current staff representative on council. I would like to start with a big thank you to all members of our school council who commit ongoing time and effort to our school’s continued goals and improvement.

At our last meeting on May 8th we discussed the following:

Public Reporting Meeting
FPS Public Reporting Meeting has been moved to the 12th of June. Council discussed ways to support more families to attend. It was decided that after school supervision will be extended in the Palazzo playground, so students can continue playing in the yard while parents pop upstairs to attend the meeting. To ensure the information shared at the Public Reporting Meeting reaches as many families as possible, the meeting will also be filmed and later shared for families to view.

Curriculum Day
The School Council approved a Curriculum Day (Pupil Free) on Monday, July 15th. The purpose of this Curriculum Day is for our staff Lead Groups to continue their work on driving key goals set out in the 2024 Annual Implementation Plan.

Principal Report
Jen provided the Principal Report and shared general updates on enrolments, the Footscray Learning Precinct, and our progress on AIP goals and finances. This led to some discussion about how valuable family contributions are to ensuring we can deliver the best outcomes for our students.

Buildings & Grounds
With Marta Vezzosi stepping up as the new Building and Grounds committee council rep, there were lots of fresh ideas discussed. Ideas included:
  • Using plants along the fence lines to help screen out noise and other outside distraction
  • Establishing fairy gardens, sensory gardens and a native plant garden
  • Creating a tiny village with a variety of purpose built cubbies
  • Extending the veggie garden with additional planters
  • Additional play equipment
  • Additional marking on the ground to be used in play e.g: tracks for toy cars
Please feel welcome to get in touch with a member of school council if you have any questions about current or upcoming projects or other school council business.

Hannah Clarke

Stick Insects

If your child has been enjoying caring for our stick insects in the Science & Design space this year and you would be interested in getting some for your home, please contact Gregoria (parent of Shihoon and Hyeonwoo) who has many available and has kindly offered them to our FPS families.
Her email is g.manzin@latrobe.edu.au.


Student-Led Conferences

As many are aware, this semester will be our first cycle of Student-Led Conferences (SLC) as part of our new student reporting model. SLCs are an opportunity for students to further develop their voice and agency in the learning, assessment and reporting process. Teachers have been supporting their young learners to select relevant artefacts or pieces of work that they would like to discuss with their families in literacy, maths, inquiry, and social and emotional learning.
They have also been rehearsing learning conversations with their peers using the metaphor of the ‘learning mountain’ in preparation for the Student-Led Conferences at the end of this semester.

FPS Learning MountainLa Montagna di FPS

The SLCs will take place in the students’ usual classrooms on the afternoons of Monday 17th (3.40pm – 6.00pm) and Tuesday 18th June (3.40-4.50pm).

Each conference will take up to 20 minutes, with a maximum of three conferences taking place at the same time in each room. For our F-4 students, the first 10 minutes of the conference will take place in either the Italian or English classroom, and then they’ll swap for the second 10 minutes. Our 5/6 conferences will take place in the students’ classrooms with the one teacher for up to 20 minutes.
Teachers will be present and roving between conferences during this time.

Specialist teachers will also be available for 10 minute parent-student-teacher conferences that follow the same format as previous years.

We will not be offering a Webex opportunity for the SLCs as the process is designed to be student-led. Those who are unable to attend will be able to conduct their conference at home with their child/ren via Seesaw.

In preparation for the SLCs we have provided an outline of the different roles in a Student-Led Conference:

  • Facilitate the conference
  • Talk about chosen work and reflect on themselves as learners
  • Identify and elaborate on areas of strength and success, whilst discussing areas for future growth and focus
  • Develop and refine the skill of effective communication to convey their message
  • Explain classroom learning experiences and tasks
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of their conference:

What did I do well? How can I build on this?

What did I not do well? How can I improve on this?
  • Listen to your child throughout the conference, as they have prepared work to discuss with you
  • Be positive and encouraging
  • Participate in the process with your child by asking them questions about learning experiences and tasks
  • Recognise both areas of strength and success, as well as areas for future growth and development
  • Offer prompts or ask questions if your child needs help
  • Be prepared to write a brief comment, offering your feedback (Glow and Grow).
The teacher’s role will vary according to the age, skills and ability of individual children.

  • Guide, support and prompt students in their preparation for the Student Led Conference, including their learning portfolio 
  • Rehearse with students how they will discuss their learning with their families 
  • Offer strategies for discussing work and learning with families 
  • Coach students how to communicate effectively with their families about challenges they encountered
  • Explore the use of reflective prompts with students prior to the conference

During the conference we encourage families to ask questions and support their children by using some of the following prompts:
  • What do you understand now that you didn’t understand before?
  • What do you now know about yourself as a learner?
  • If you could go back down the mountain and start again, what would you change?
  • Where are you heading next?
  • What did you use from your learning backpack to help you climb the mountain?
  • When do you get stuck or need a rest? What did you do to get started again?
If a student has finished sharing their learning stories earlier than the allotted 20 minutes, they are free to finish their conference and leave. If families wish to spend longer looking through the Learning Portfolio they can move to the central shared spaces with the device.
Parents can provide feedback about how their child went in the Student-Led Conference by completing a Glow and Grow slip. This feedback will be used to improve students’ SLCs in Term 4. Teachers will have these available in classrooms.
After the SLCs, students will be provided with time at school to reflect on the effectiveness of the conference based on a co-constructed success criteria and the feedback from their families.

Student-Led Conference locations

Palazzo Ground Floor
Foundation A/B: Rooms 16 and 17
Foundation C/D: Rooms 22 and 23

Year 1/2A/B: Rooms 14 and 15
Year 1/2C/D: Rooms 12 and 13

Palazzo Ground Floor
Year 3/4A/B: Rooms 20 and 21
Year 3/4C/D: Rooms 18 and 19

Palazzo Level 1
Year 5/6A: Room 24
Year 5/6B: Room 25
Year 5/6C: Room 26
Year 5/6D: Room 27

Nadine Halpin – P.E.: Greenwood office
Anna Zobel – Italian Art: Art Room (Bluestone)
Caitlin Wood – Science and Design: Science and Design space (Bluestone)

Bookings will stay open until Friday 14th June.
Classroom teacher bookingshttps://www.schoolinterviews.com.au/code/dn9m5 Classroom Teacher Bookings QRcode
Specialist teacher bookingshttps://www.schoolinterviews.com.au/code/mmpp6Specialist Teacher Bookings QRcode

Student Led Conferences

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School Policies

Did you know that all current Footscray Primary School policies can be found on our website? School policies are a helpful communication tool that provide information and guidance regarding many elements of school operations. Click this link to find our current school policies, or visit www.footscrayps.vic.edu.au, click the ‘About’ button and select ‘Policies’.

Mobile Phones in Schools

This is a friendly reminder that all students bringing a mobile phone to school must sign this in at the school office each day. This is in line with mobile phone policy and guidance introduced by the Victorian Government in 2020. Students are not to store mobile phones or other devices in their bags and are not to use these devices across the day. Any contact you need to make with your child across the school day can be directed through our friendly administration team by calling 9687 1910. Once mobile phones are presented at the office, these are stored securely.

Attendance - Every Day Counts

Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education. Students learn new things at school every day – missing school puts them behind.
We all want our students to get a great education, and the building blocks for a great education begin with students coming to school each and every day. If students miss school regularly, they miss out on learning the fundamental skills that will set them up for success in the later years of school.
There is no safe number of days for missing school – each day a student misses puts them behind, and can affect their educational outcomes. Each missed day is associated with progressively lower achievement in numeracy, writing and reading.
Attendance patterns are established early – a child regularly missing days in kindergarten or in the early years of school will often continue to miss classes in the later years, and receive lower test scores than their classmates.
It’s vital that students go to school every day – even in the early years of primary school.
In Victoria school is compulsory for children and young people aged 6 -17 years.
If you’re having attendance issues with your child, please let your classroom teacher know so we can work together to get your child to school every day.

Bell Times

 8:50amStaff yard supervision commences
 9:00 - 11:00 amSession 1 and 2 learning blocks
 11:00 - 11:15 amEating time in classrooms
 11:15 - 12:00 pmLunch play
 12:00 - 2:00 pmSession 3 and 4 learning blocks
 2:00 - 2:30 pmRecess play
 2:30 - 3:30 pmSession 5 learning block
 3:30 pmEnd of day dismissal
 3:45 pmStaff yard supervision concludes

Community Information

Chess Lessons Term 3
Chess Flyer Term 3 2024
Kelly Sports Term 3

Kelly Sports Flyer Term 3 2024

FPS Community Pantry
This term in Community Pantry we are focussing on Lunch! 
If you are able to donate to our pantry this term, here are some pantry lunch item ideas. Remember that we accept shelf stable products only (nothing that goes in the fridge!)
√ Wholegrain or wholemeal crispbread or crackers
√ Plain rice cakes
√ Nutritious spreads (such as peanut butter)
√ Rice
√ Flour – all types
√ Muesli bars (low sugar, no chocolate!)

Anglicare Victoria
Anglicare Foster Carer Flyer