School Council

I would like to again thank our nominees in the recent School Council election and thank you all for completing and returning your ballots. We are fortunate to have such a committed and engaged community of parents and carers. I would like to welcome Anson Le, Paul Linke and Chris Wilson as new members of the Footscray Primary School Council in 2021.

I would like to thank Zoe Allnut, Janine Bell, Hoang Tran Nguyen, and Sarah Strybosch for their service to our school community through their role on School Council. Whilst I haven’t been at FPS long enough to have seen the full extent of their contributions, I can speak to their commitment and support in 2020. Last year was a challenging year for everyone and each member of our School Council maintained a sharp focus on the best outcomes for every learner at FPS.

Thank you, Hoang, for the extraordinary amount of time and effort you have dedicated to the bilingual program at Footscray PS and for initiating a focus on diversity and inclusion that will continue across this year and beyond. Thank you, Sarah and Zoe, for your work on connecting the community through the FPS social club, class reps and buddy programs, and fundraising for FPS. I have no doubt that Hoang, Sarah and Zoe will continue to actively contribute to the school community through the many projects and initiatives they have established and supported, along with new endeavours and events.

I would like to thank Janine for her contribution, insight and time. Teachers work hard and they work long hours. All council members volunteer their time and effort and Janine’s willingness to volunteer additional time to take on the role of School Councillor reflects her dedication to our profession and to Footscray Primary School.

International Women’s Day

This year, the theme for International Women’s Day (March 8) was ‘Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.’ Many classes had conversations and learning experiences about this special day and its meaning and Katrina has created some displays in the library where children can learn more about the achievements of women through a great selection of literature.

To continue the conversation at home and learn more, you can visit the website below for articles and useful links and remember the wise words of Shirley Chisolm, ‘If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.’

Koorie Facts

Wurdi Youang - Geelong

Wurdi Youang is a stone arrangement located near Little River on Wadawurrung country. It is estimated to be around 11.000 years old, meaning Wurdi Youang is likely to be older that Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. The stones line up with the places where the sun sets on the horizon at different points in the year including the equinoxes (when the sun lines up with the Earth’s Equator) and solstices (when the sun reaches its most northerly or southerly point in relation to Earth). These alignments are accurate to within a few degrees and show the strong and longstanding knowledge of astronomy (stars, planets, comets and galaxies) held by Wadawurrung and all Aboriginal people

Class Rep Vacancies

As per our compass post earlier this week, we have a few Class Parent Rep vacancies remaining. In post COVID times in particular, the role of the class rep will be a great asset to our school and community to help us in bringing families together for school and non-school events. If you have a child in any of the following classes and are able to take on this role please email by Thursday 12th to support your child’s class in 2021!

1B –       Nick Boffa

2A –       Julia Woods

2C –       Chris Brown

3/4E –   Arta Redzep

5B -        Hannah Clarke


Primary Years Programme News

Learner Profile 

The aim of the PYP is for students to develop and demonstrate international-mindedness. This idea captures a way of thinking, being and acting.

The attributes of the learner profile represent a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities that encompass intellectual, personal, emotional and social growth.

The development and demonstration of these attributes are foundational to students becoming internationally minded, active and caring community members who respect themselves, others and the world around them.

Students are offered a range of opportunities to develop, demonstrate and reinforce attributes of the learner profile in the daily life of their learning community.

For example, opportunities arise:

  • Every day during class learning experiences
  • through interactions in a variety of learning spaces—in the library, music room, art room
  • social interactions—break/recess and lunch, sport and clubs, after school activities
  • During excursions—museum visits, interschool sports events, camps
  • through school events—assemblies, buddies, drama productions, sports days
  • at home and in the wider community—interactions with family, friends, local businesses, sports clubs.

The learner profile attributes provide teachers, students and parents with a common language with which to describe and reflect the following.

  • School culture—the attributes can be reflected in class essential agreements, playground expectations, monitoring of student and staff wellbeing and protocols observed by the school (for example, acknowledgement of country).
  • Feedback—students give and receive feedback on their learning using the language of the learner profile attributes. The attributes can also be shared and celebrated in school reports. For example, ‘students care for each other in the playground and communicate to work through differences.’

Parent Support Group

Parent Support Group

Thursday, March 18th

7:30pm at The Plough


The Parent Support Group is gathering for the first time! The group has been formed for parents and carers of children who have additional support needs at school. It does not matter how big or small your child’s support needs are, there is a place in this group for you. The aim of the PSG is to provide a space where parents and carers can meet and share their highs, lows, and practical insights with other families who might be navigating similar daily experiences. As the PSG grows, we are sure there will be parents and carers who are able to share fabulous recommendations and useful tips/coping strategies, or just be a supportive ear at a time when maybe you just need to talk to people who understand. Please join us on March 18th or email if you have any questions.


We welcome our student Social Workers, Chelsea and Anthony, to the FPS team. They have settled in beautifully and are enjoying spending time getting to know the students and staff before starting work with small groups of students in the coming weeks. They have their eye on the sensory room as a special interest project and we look forward to seeing that evolve across the coming term.

We also welcome, Kate Kingsmill, our newest Education Support Staff member who joined the team this week. Kate has had time this week to meet some students and staff, and learn a bit about FPS and will begin a more formal timetable of support next week.


We have a few exciting announcements to make with Chris Wilson becoming engaged, and the safe arrival of Nick’s gorgeous son, Elio. Congratulations to both Chris and Nick! We’d also like to make a special mention of Xuhi, who performed with his band as part of the Moomba celebrations last weekend. FPS has talent!

Got a special skill or interest you could share through a lunch club?

Did you know that our lunch clubs are run by teachers who volunteer to take a club on top of their regular scheduled yard duty?

We know our staff are a dedicated bunch, but they are also very busy and our kids cannot get enough of our lunch clubs. We also know we have a crazy talented school community who are equally dedicated and wondered if some of you might like to run a lunch time club.  Clubs can be held at lunch or recess and there is no need for long-term commitment. You might have a one-off session you’d like to run, a series of sessions, or an ongoing weekly project. As long as it doesn’t require too much in the way of resourcing (we don’t have a clubs budget), it could be based on sport, gardening, craft, sustainability, exercise, reading, problem solving, writing, comedy, mime, drawing, dancing, singing, debating, film-making, science, exploring, playing, learning, making, building, connecting, the opportunities are endless!! All you need is a current working with children check and the capacity to run your club outdoors to ensure yard duty teachers have clear line of sight to align with child safe standards. Please email if you are keen and Emily or Nick (Lunch Club CoOrdinators) will be in touch!

Year 6 Leadership

The beginning of 2021 has been spent exploring the idea of what makes a ‘leader’. Students have been unpacking what leadership looks like and understanding that being leader is more than wearing a badge or having a particular title.

We are excited to have a group of students who are committed, passionate and driven to lead many aspects of our school.

This year, our School Captains are:

  • Jackson Zurawiecki
  • Jimmy Watts
  • Poppy Mitchell
  • Sunny Lockwood

 Our School Captains are developing skills related to proudly representing our school. This includes leading our weekly assemblies and role modelling a high standard of behaviour to their peers. As a Term 1 focus, our School Captains are also acting as mentors to our Foundation and Year 1 students, developing activities that teach students about positive play and building friendships.

 Our House Captains are:

  • Yousafzai House (Yellow) – Dani Galloway and Jack Geraedts
  • Cowan House (Blue) – Lenny Cummins and Esma Yucel
  • Mandela House (Green) – Tilly Stephenson and Octavia Forsythe
  • Mabo House (Red) – Prathyush Thakur and Hugo White

 Our House Captains will lead our house culture at Footscray Primary School. This will include planning house events that cater to students with many different interests. As a Term 1 focus, our House Captains are making plans to reinvigorate the house culture at our school. To get this started, they are researching the history of our four houses, and creating material to teach our school community about the inspirational attributes of the people behind our house names.

The rest of our Year 6 student group are also busily working in action groups that will contribute to many aspects of school life at Footscray Primary. The ideas and projects they have pitched are thoughtful and impressive, and we look forward to sharing these with you all soon.


Community Understanding and Safety Training

Last week, the staff had the privilege of working with Julianne Fraser, Keith Randall, and Michelle Marion to undertake our Community Understanding and Safety Training. Many of the staff had completed this session in 2019 and many were joining for the first time. Our facilitators created a safe space for us to openly share our thoughts and questions about inclusion, culture, and reconciliation. Footscray Primary School staff are proud to be considered leaders of best practice in the teaching and learning of Aboriginal perspective across the curriculum. There is such a long way to go yet, and we will continue to grow and learn together with our community of learners, both children and adults.

Respectful Relationships in Action

In 2021, all year levels are participating in timetabled Respectful Relationship sessions each fortnight. Respectful Relationships is an initiative developed by the Department of Education, which supports schools to promote and model respect, positive attitudes and behaviours. The program teaches children to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence.

For example, in Year 5, students have been developing their ‘emotional literacy.’ This means, they are strengthening their ability to name and explain the feelings they have throughout a day. As part of this, students have been exploring how emotions have different intensities. Classes unpacked the importance of being able to name their emotion accurately. It was discussed that when you are able to communicate what you feel clearly, others are able to support you in a more effective way.

Students then completed an emotions intensity scale, where they placed different emotions based on their strength. For example: feeling ‘furious’ was considered to be a stronger emotion than feeling ‘angry’. We then connected these feelings to different real-life scenarios.

We look forward to sharing more snapshots of the great learning occurring across the school in this area.

Library News

Thank you to all the families who kindly covered the new bilingual books for the library this term.  If you still have any at home, please drop them back to the office early next week.

In addition to our Vietnamese children's library books, we now have a selection of Italian books for the students to borrow and take home.  We also, with thanks to Jess Jones, have some books available in Amharic, Bengali, Cantonese and Hindi for the children to borrow


IMPORTANT: Children with Medicals at TheirCare

Parents/guardians are responsible for:

  • Informing the service of their child’s medical conditions, if any, and informing the service of any specific requirements that their child may have in relation to their medical condition.
  • Developing a current risk minimisation plan with the Coordinator and/or other relevant team member members at the service.
  • Providing a medical management plan signed by a medical practitioner, either on enrolment or immediately upon diagnosis of an ongoing medical condition. This medical management plan must include a current photo of the child and must clearly outline procedures to be followed by educators/team member in the event of an incident relating to the child’s specific health care needs.
  • Notifying the Coordinator of any changes to the status of their child’s medical condition and providing a new medical management plan in accordance with these changes.
  • Informing the Coordinator of any issues that are impacted on the implementation of this policy by the service.

Please note that you can upload documents onto your account. This saves time and we are able to print off these documents to add to your enrolment

Thanks and kind regards,

Vanessa Attard and Jessica Alessi
The Team at TheirCare Footscray Primary

Week 6 Students of the week

Week 6 Students of the week. 
Class Student 
FA Clementine E
FBElla N 
FC Chester L 
1AKaren H 
2AKenny T 
2BEvie F 
2C Jarrah B 
34AZeno C
34B Etta D 
Vietnamese Ethan De S 6B
PEOscar H 1A
Art Josie B 34C 

Week 7 Student of the Week

Week 7 Student of the Week.
Class Student 
2AJoanie I
2BLily D & Jaxx H
2CLola M 
34APatty I 
34BKhalil G
34CSimeon C
ArtPepi J 1A

Important dates to remember

Important dates to remember. 
Grade 3 Sleepover - 31st March 
Whole School Picnic -  1st April 1:30pm-2:30pm
Last day of Term 1 - 1st April School will finish at 2:30pm

Term 2 returns - Monday 19th April 
Dental Van - Monday 26th April ALL WEEK 
School Photos - Wednesday 28th April & Thursday 29th April 
Curriculum Day - Wednesday 5th May NO students at school 

Brenbeal Open Day

Brenbeal Children’s Centre is having a KINDER OPEN DAY on Saturday 20th March 2021. Whether you are looking for a place for your younger child in 2021 or in years to come, we invite you to come and meet the teachers and see the facilities up close. Children are welcome to attend with an adult.

Date: Saturday 20 March 2021

Time: 9.30am - 12.00pm

Address: Brenbeal Children’s Centre 8 Rayner St, Footscray

Please view our virtual tour and register via this link

If you would like more information about the Kinder Open Day, please contact Krystyna Soprun, Centre Manager via 03 9317 8244 or email