July 23rd 2021


Principal's Message

Hello FPS community – are you all doing ok out there? 

I’ve been noticing a general flatness about the world lately with the ongoing unknowns of this relentless virus. I find myself thinking ‘I should call my mum’ and then not calling or thinking ‘I wonder how that friend is going’ but not actually reaching out and saying ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ I’d like to throw out a challenge to all of you to do one thing to connect to somebody else over the next week. Bring back that energy and innovation from early lockdown days and organise an online catch up with a group of friends, or play an online game of charades, or just pick up the phone for a chat. I started us off by calling my sister who moved to Singapore during the first lockdown. I picked a time when neither of us would have our kids nearby so we could have a proper conversation about all the things we have and haven’t been doing. Who can you call this week? 

I would like to thank our staff again and acknowledge that many of them are managing the same juggling act as you to deliver their live teaching around supporting their own children with their learning. It is noticed and greatly appreciated. The staff often share with me the positive emails that many of you send them. Those kind gestures help enormously and I thank you for taking the time to share positive words when you are all so busy.  

We are constantly impressed by the engagement of our young people in their remote learning. Our attendance data shows that almost all of our children are online each day and continuing their learning. Thank you for your support to make this happen under such difficult circumstances. I don’t know about you, but I feel like Webex is a member of our family! If your child is not present for their online learning, can you please update compass to support us in reducing the number of unexplained absences so that we can direct our support where it is most needed.  


Eid al-Adha

Eid al-Adha to all of the Muslim friends and families in our school community. Yet again, we are in lockdown during this special time, which makes celebrating Eid al-Adha with friends and family difficult. This must be very disappointing and we acknowledge and respect the sacrifice being made to stay at home during this time of celebration. Thank you for keeping the community safe and we hope that this is the last Eid celebration experienced in lockdown. Wishing you all a wonderful, safe and happy Eid.  

Edwardian Safety and Damage

We have been alerted by local residents and staff that a number of young people have been regularly climbing on the roof of the Edwardian and Bluestone buildings after hours. Our first and utmost concern is for the safety of these community members. The steep and angled roof is not safe for climbing without scaffolding or safety supports and any fall or slip could result in serious injury. Our second concern is the extraordinary cost of repairs to replace damaged tiles and resulting leaks. During the heavy rain earlier this week, there was a river flowing through the cloakroom/bag space of the Edwardian. The roof plumber found a group of broken tiles, resulting in rainwater pouring into the ceiling. This is one of many leaks repaired this year and last as a result of broken or missing tiles. If you notice anyone on the roof whilst in our schoolgrounds, please contact the local police.  

The Precinct Scoop

Last term, the first edition of The Precinct Scoop was published. You can subscribe to the newsletter via this QR code or read the first edition using the link below.  



If you have a child who will be starting Foundation at Footscray PS next year, please submit your enrolment forms as soon as possible. With upcoming capital works and recruitment of Italian teachers to consider, it is critical that we are able to finalise enrolment numbers as early as possible to ensure we have strong structures in place for 2022.   

Term 3 Swimming update

Dear Families,

I want to take the time to update you in regards to our F-4 Intensive swimming program scheduled for the 9th to the 20th of August. At this stage we are unsure whether it will go ahead due to the pool being closed during the current lockdown, and the history of pools not opening back up for school swimming lessons for a few weeks after lockdowns are lifted.

If the swimming program does go ahead, it will cost $40 per student. We are not accepting payments yet, however, we wanted to flag the cost with you so you can forward plan the expenditure. Once we have notification from the pool that school groups can return, we will send out a permission note and payment request. The timeline on this may be short due to communication from the pool. If you have any questions, please contact Chris Robinson and I will be happy to answer any querries you may have. Fingers crossed. Chris