December 10th 2021

Final issue for 2021

Principal's Message


We recently had our final school council meeting for the year, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of council for their time and continued dedication to Footscray Primary School. In a year of endless remote meetings and significant pressures and stressors, we had full engagement from every member of council at each meeting and in between whenever needed. I also thank the members of our subcommittees who have met regularly to progress work relating to finance, buildings and grounds, policy, and inclusion. A strong, productive partnership between school and council is critical for the smooth operation of the school and it is a privilege to lead Footscray PS alongside such an active and committed collective of minds. I’d also like to thank our Business Manager, Rowena Harris, who organises our finances and the administrative component of our school council, along with attending every council meeting.  

I have been sharing recruitment news as it develops across the term. I am sure you have all read our compass post earlier this week announcing the news that Sally Curmi has been appointed as the new Principal of Riddells Creek PS commencing in 2022. Anyone who has had the good fortune of working or interacting with Sally will not be at all surprised by this news. Whilst we will miss Sally tremendously, we couldn’t be prouder of her for this career achievement.  

Next year, we also say goodbye to Emma Rudin who will continue her work at Footscray City PS, Tina Sanfilippo who is heading back to Canada, Kim Satchell who will be working at Derrimut PS, and Chris Brown who will be working at Kingsville PS. We thank these staff for their positive contribution to the FPS community and wish them all the very best as they embark on new adventures. We say bye for now to Janine and Virginia as they take a year of long service leave, Betty and Rhiannon as they welcome new babies, and Brigid as she takes a year to work at Spensley Street PS. Good luck everyone, we look forward to welcoming you back in 2023. We thank Federica Mancusi, who has completed her CO.AS.IT contract as our fully subsidised Italian Language Assistant. We thank Federica for everything she has given to our staff and students through her commitment to our bilingual program and we are sure we will see her again soon.

School Council Wrap Up

Hello FPS community, 

It's been another very strange year for all of us, but we've made it through to the other side. 

I'm sure you, like all of us on the School Council, can agree it's great to see people face-to-face and the school yard filled with our wonderful children.

This year the School Council continued with our regular scheduled meetings, and our last one for the year we did face-to-face and finished off with dinner together.

During the year we allocated the money we raised to replace our classroom iPads and added 25 to the classroom sets.  A great achievement, thank you!

We had to put a stop on the playground plans, due to the capital works planning. However, now that we know the plans, the building and grounds sub-committee are back to work planning some playground initiatives that will be implemented early next year. Next year the playground and the school will see lots of changes and it will be a very busy place while the works start and finish by the end of the year with new learning spaces and the new COLA.

The School has also purchased lots of new books and bilingual books in various languages. We also upgraded class reading sets with funds from the library fund (thank you for your generous donations!).

We completed a tender and panel review of after school hours care, and we are pleased to announce that TheirCare has been renewed to stay on at FPS.

We have also renewed the canteen license with Vinh for another year, and we have been working with Vinh and a nutritionist to ensure the school canteen menu aligns with the Departments guidelines. All the good things we love about Vinh's canteen are staying, and we are working to reduce the sugar and salt items. New Menu will be ready for the start of school next year. 

All other subcommittees have also been active and working towards their goals set by the School Council.

2022 is looking good. In the first term we will celebrate the school's 160 year anniversary, and we will plan the date to finally have our colour run. 

Well done to our fabulous 2021 Year 6 students. Congratulations on your graduation, and the School Council wishes you all the best for your first year at High School. We look forward to seeing the 2022 Year 6 students flourish in their final year next year!

The School Council wishes you all a safe and happy and fun summer holiday, and we'll see you next year. 

Raylene Varone
School Council President

Farewell From Leaving Staff

Sally Curmi - Assistant Principal

It is with a combination of gratitude and sadness that I write this farewell, as I head off to be the Principal at Riddells Creek Primary School. The past two years have been some of the most challenging and enjoyable of my teaching career. The warm welcome, ongoing engagement and support from all of you in our wonderful community has been a highlight, and reinforces what a great culture we are building at FPS. Every day when I am moving around the school, or when I am on duty before and after school, I have amazing conversations with our students and families that demonstrate how connected we are becoming as a community.

The challenge of a two year combination of onsite and remote teaching and learning has certainly tested us, and has stretched me as a school leader. However, the way our staff, students and families have faced this challenge only reinforces what a great place FPS is to be part of. I know the new skills, knowledge and way of partnering with our community that I have learnt will hold me in good stead to lead as the Principal at my new school. Thank you for a wonderful two years, and I hope to see you at the opening of our new building in 2023!

Virginia Gardener

After thirty-three years of teaching at Footscray Primary School, it is with mixed emotions that I will be taking Long Service Leave for the duration of 2022. FPS has been such a huge part of my life. In my time here, I have witnessed a number of changes and developments which have resulted in a strong partnership between staff, students and parents making our school a great place to be. I am honoured to have taught so many inquisitive and resilient students who have strived to achieve their personal best in all circumstances. This has made my role, particularly as the Reading Intervention Teacher over the past eleven years, extremely rewarding. It has also been very moving to have so many past pupils of Footscray Primary School return to say hello and tell me what they are now doing as adults, although it does sometimes make me feel quite old! The leadership, teachers and Education Support Staff have always been friendly, dedicated and wonderful to work with as have the parents. I will miss you all. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in our school community for your support over the years and to wish you all a wonderful year in 2022. I am very much looking forward to returning to the magnificent ‘new look’ Footscray Primary School when it is built and seeing everyone enjoying the numerous opportunities it provides. Have a wonderful holiday break and stay safe.

Janine Bell

In 2022, you won't see me around! However, you may see me exploring the Melbourne Zoo, the Botanic Gardens, the Public Record Office, on a train to Bright or Bendigo or 'walking the whole of Briiighton, darlings'! 

I will be taking Long Service Leave to restock and reinvigorate my physical and mental health along with completing repairs to my home and buying a 'new' car - mine has been towed four times since I bought it! 

Although I love to travel, I can't imagine I will be booking any overseas holidays....yet. It may be time to explore Tasmania (if they let me in). Those that know me, know of my passion for family history and it may just be time to follow in the footsteps of my Tasmanian convict ancestor, Elizabeth Cross!

Betty Lieu

In 2022, I will be on leave to welcome a new baby to our family! It has been a pleasure to work with the students, families and staff at FPS. I’ve enjoyed every part of it. I would like to wish everyone all the best and look forward to returning to the school in the future.

Tina Sanfilippo

It has been short but very sweet working at Footscray Primary School. I would like to thank the amazing staff, my exceptionally wonderful class, and the greater community for welcoming me into the FPS family with open arms. I am heading off back to Canada after a much longer than anticipated, but fantastic, time here in Australia. I will of course be trying to squeeze in as much travel as I can for my last few months before returning home in February. I am very grateful for my experience here and will definitely miss the dedicated staff and students. I wish you all the best and hope you all have a safe and relaxing holiday.  

Chris Brown

I have had a wonderful two years working at Footscray Primary, and during my time here I have had many experiences, made memories and friends that I will continue to cherish. As I head off to Kingsville Primary School, I know that I will miss the engaged students and families of FPS, as well as the staff who have been so supportive and helpful to support me in my growth as a teacher. I am so proud of all of my students in this strange year, and have no doubt the skills and resilience they have picked up from their time learning both remotely and onsite will serve them well as they continue on their own journeys. It has been an absolute pleasure to work at Footscray Primary School, and I look forward to seeing how the school develops with all of the wonderful initiatives that are progressing currently. Have a lovely holiday break!

Kim Satchell

Arrivederci FPS. Thank you for making me feel welcome and for sharing your thinking and learning with me, and for mending my broken wing when I stumbled earlier in the year and needed to make changes. I have loved getting to know the students and staff at FPS, particularly the students and staff who came to school during Remote learning, and those in FC, 1A & B, 2C and 34C, with whom I spent the most time. I will miss being part of the Italian Bilingual program and the truly spectacular students and staff but am excited to be moving to Derrimut PS and into my Year 4 classroom.

Ci vediamo, stavi bene tutti, baconi grossi, Kim

Brigid Blakeney

I have had a fantastic first year at Footscray this year. I feel very grateful to have been so welcomed by the school community, and particularly the wonderful children and families in Foundation C. Being part of developing the bilingual program has been hugely beneficial to me as a teacher. 

Next year I will be teaching at Spensley Street Primary School (my own childhood school!) for one year. I look forward to the learning I will be able to bring back to Footscray. Thank you again to everyone for being so supportive and welcoming this year, and have a great summer break! 

Rhiannon Long

I have enjoyed working at Footscray Primary School for the past two years. I will miss seeing all the lovely, smiling faces but I will be welcoming a new addition to my family. I will be back in 2023.

Working Bee 5th December

On Sunday 5th December the Buildings and Grounds sub-committee held a working bee. It was great to see parents and staff working together to tidy the school grounds, do some weeding and planting, and remove the unused path along the rear fence. The weather shone on us to ensure we had a lovely day outdoors, and we enjoyed a break for a BBQ lunch. Thanks to Bunnings for donating vouchers for us to buy plants for the front garden bed.


We will be holding another working bee in 2022 to complete more planting and hopefully install part of our new nature play area.

Library News

Outstanding Library Books

As the end of year is fast approaching could you please take a look around your home for any school library books and return them to school this week. 

There are still quite a few outstanding that were borrowed earlier this year.

Thanks for your help,

Parent Helper Morning Tea

Curriculum Day

Just a reminder to all families that this coming Monday 13th December is a Curriculum Day and there will be no student attendance. TheirCare will be operating if you require care for your child.

Last Day of Term 4

A reminder to all families that next Friday 17th December is the final day of school for 2021. School will finish early at 1:30pm. If you require care for your child after this time, please book directly with TheirCare.

Lost Property

There are many items in lost property. All labelled items will be given to the classroom teachers to return to students. Any unlabelled items will be given to the Facebook Footscray Primary School Secondhand Uniform Donate, Sell and Swap page.


Happy Holidays

From everyone here at Footscray Primary School, we wish all families a safe, joyful and well-deserved break. We look forward to seeing you all in 2022.