August 26th 2022

Issue 10

Message from the Principal

It has been an action packed few weeks at Footscray PS. The whole school athletics has been the highlight for me. Every part of the day reflected what I believe makes our community so special. The collaborative organisation, the participation and attendance of all children and so many families, the encouragement and support our students provided to each other, and the sheer joy and appreciation of being together as a community again. Thank you, Nadine, and every one of the many people who made the day such an incredible success.


Year 3-6 Staffing

Calum will be absent for the rest of this term and part of the first week of next term as he takes on his new role of Dad. Yay! We are all super excited to welcome baby Sonny to the FPS family. Congratulations, Calum!

We recently welcomed Kirsten Sucic to the Year 3/4 team as classroom teacher of 3/4E. Kirsten completed her final university placement in 3/4E and is thrilled to be their teacher for the rest of the year. Kirsten has many years of experience in the early childhood sector as an educator and manager and is looking forward to building on her skills in the primary setting.

As communicated with the families of 3/4D and 5/6D, we were unable to engage a teacher to replace Chris K in 3/4D. We are grateful to Caroline and Jenny, who will be the teacher of 3/4D for the remainder of the year. Caroline was teaching part time in 5/6D and we have a current vacancy on Recruitment Online for a replacement classroom teacher, 3 days a week. Please share this opportunity with any teachers you may know that are looking for a part time position at a fabulous school!

2023 Italian Bilingual Teacher

We are pleased to share that we have 49 new Foundation students enrolled for 2023. This means we are looking for another Italian bilingual teacher to join our team. Please share this opportunity within your own networks. The position is an ongoing teaching position and is currently advertised on Recruitment Online.

Office Update

We welcome Karen in the main office while Miranda is on leave. Thank you, Karen, you are fabulous! We would also like to thank Katrina for the many times she steps out of the library or works an additional day to help us in the main office. It is always noticed and always appreciated. While we are at it, a huge thanks for making the library so inviting for our students. It is my favourite space in the whole school and every visitor we have comments on how beautiful the library is.


Capital Works Update

The General Learning Building is moving along at a fast pace. I was able to walk through at the recent site meeting and standing in the space made it feel very real! We have started to map out our learning spaces for next year and we will likely have all of our year levels placed within the Greenwood and the new building. We will share more about this as we move towards 2023 and finalise these plans. Our senior students have shown great flexibility through multiple years of covid interruptions and the capital works and, unfortunately, they will have little time to enjoy the new facilities. We would like to acknowledge that flexibility by gifting the 2023 Year 5/6 cohort with the ‘penthouse’ classrooms on the top level of the general learning building.

There will be significant works taking place on the Term 3 holidays. The remaining COLA and stage area will be demolished, a larger deck will be built on the current Year 3/4 portable classrooms, roof works will continue on the heritage buildings, and trenching will be undertaken across the oval. Please be aware that large sections of our grounds may not be accessible to the community during this time. TheirCare will be able to safely operate in their regular space during the holiday program. We hope to see the community garden re-established and some new play spaces commencing in September and October.

Term 3 Curriculum Day – School-wide Positive Behaviour Support

On Friday the 12th of August, all staff were able to engage in a productive day of professional learning about our School-wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) framework. You may have seen some previous communication about SWPBS, and we are excited to be at a stage of implementation where elements of this framework are being introduced across the school.

Before we share some of our professional learning with you, we would like to share the why behind positive behaviour support.

Just as teachers naturally do with numeracy and literacy, behavioural skills need to be taught to young people. Due to a large list of factors, young people enter schools each day equipped with a different skill set to manage their behaviours. SWPBS builds on this philosophy by ensuring schools develop explicit, systematic, and consistent approaches to teaching positive behaviours. In doing this, assumptions are not made about what students may or may not know, and students displaying positive behaviours is not ‘left to chance’, but explicitly taught through modelling, explicit instruction, and clear feedback.

Our curriculum day kicked off with a wonderful presentation from Todd MacBeth, who is the Acting Executive Director for School Support at the Department of Education. Todd was able to share his journey as a former Principal and SWPBS leader, and how the teaching of positive behaviour supported the learning and wellbeing outcomes of his students.

Following this, all staff took a deep dive into our positive behaviour matrix. This matrix has been carefully crafted over the past year with feedback from staff and students, and is our blueprint of respectful, responsible, and proud behaviours that we expect from all members of our school community. Staff explored how we will ensure each of these expectations is explicitly taught to all students across a school year. The matrix also creates a consistent and shared language across the school, ensuring students will have an understandable and predictable response to behaviour, regardless of staff member or setting. You may see more and more of these expectations popping up across the school, and we encourage you to adopt this language with your child/ren.

In our second session for the day, staff explored our behaviour response continuum. Our continuum follows the Prevent, Teach, Reinforce model. Put simply, this means we strive to create learning environments that remove triggers that may lead to an undesired behaviour (prevent), explicitly teach expected behaviours (teach), and frequently reward those who displayed desired behaviours (reinforce). Staff focused on developing their toolkit to address ‘minor’ behaviour incidents. By focusing on minor behaviours, staff create learning environments that maximise learning time and are safe and orderly for all students.

In our final session of the curriculum day, teaching teams had time together to explore the Department resource ‘Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships’. This is an evidence-based social and emotional learning resource sequenced from Foundation through to Year 10. Staff built their professional understanding of these resources and discussed their application within literacy learning and units of inquiry.

Please view our positive behaviour matrix below. These will also be updated on our school website soon. As we continue to progress our implementation of SWPBS, we will be sending a survey for family input via Compass towards the end of term. This survey will inform the roll-out of our school-wide reward system in term 4, and we would love to hear from you! Please keep an eye out for this.

Chris Wilson

Leading Teacher

FPS Sports Day 2022

We all prayed for no rain and lots and lots of sun,
So, Nadine watched the weather and listened to her friend Jane Bunn.
The 3-6s arrived at the Essendon Athletics track first,
And were itching to get out there and quench their competitive thirst.
The discuses were thrown, and everyone long jumped into the sand,
Everyone was getting ribbons and everyone’s victories were getting out of hand!
So much so that Nadine ordered more ribbons in the post,
It was so good to see everyone’s excitement and elation the most!
100 metre races were quick, and our athletes’ celebrations were the best,
The day put the weather gods’ powers to the test!
The vibe increased as the Foundys, 1s and 2s arrived at the track,
Gumboot throw, long jump and 70m dash – lets give it a crack!
Well, they certainly did and rainbow and dinosaur gumboots were thrown far,
These Footscray Primary School legends, they reached for the stars!
There was Mabo, Cowan, Yousafzai and Mandela,
The skies turned grey, and we all reached for the umbrella!
The events were nearly finished with just the 800 metre race to run,
Soooooooo many legends turned up to run the two long laps of fun!
They all huffed and puffed; the Foundys, 1s, 2s, 3s and 4s,
The 5s and 6s got things done and Nadine had to add up all the scores.
The teachers, the parents and all the Footscray Primary School staff,
Were absolute legends and I’m thanking them on the kids behalf.
Lets hope we can do this all again in 2023,
Hands up Footscray Primary School – who’s with me?

Nadine Halpin – the happiest and proudest PE teacher ever!

District Athletics

On Wednesday this week, 43 amazing athletes represented FPS at the District Athletics Competition. The team was made up of Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 legends and were cheered on by Steph and Jake from Year 5/6. The rain started to fall, and the effort started to rise! We had Year 3 and 4 girls competing in the Year 5 age group and their effort was absolutely amazing! The team spirit and team encouragement were sensational and it was so good to see all of our athletes a part of OUR TEAM! A big THANK YOU to Steph and Jake for their outstanding effort and support throughout the day. 

Congratulations to the following athletes who will go through to represent FPS at the Divisions:

Zeph – hurdles and 800m

Paloma – hurdles

Iggy – hurdles and 800m

Megan - 100m and long jump

Oscar – 100m, discus and high jump

Eli – 200m

Juliette – 200m and long jump

Ruby – discus

😊 These athletes should all be so proud of themselves – I am.


Book Week Writing Competition- Dreaming with Eyes open

This year we will celebrating Book Week with a writing competition, on the theme ‘Dreaming with Eyes Open’. This is an open genre writing activity where judges will be looking for a piece of writing that entertains!

There will be four categories: Foundation, Year 1-2, Years 3-4 , Years 5-6.

Submission will be due Friday the 2nd of September.


Our Book Week Parade will occur on Wednesday the 7th of September. The whole school will celebrate in a range of activities based on books shortlisted by the Children’s Book Council.

Wear it Purple

Today the FPS students wore purple to show their support of our LGBTQIA+ community members. Gold coin donations will go to Minus18, a non-for-profit charity focusing on supporting youth within the LGBTQIA+ community.  Last week our teachers engaged in a professional learning session with Minus18 focussing on how we can create LGBTQIA+ inclusive classrooms.

Wear It Purple was founded in 2010 in response to global stories of real teenagers, real heartache and their very real responses. In 2010, several rainbow young people took their own lives following bullying and harassment resulting from the lack of acceptance of their sexuality or gender identity. Wear It Purples strives to foster supportive, safe, empowering and inclusive environments for rainbow young people. 

Important Dates to Remember

Monday 22 August - Friday 2 September: Intensive Swimming Program

Monday 5 - Friday 9 September: Mental Health and Wellbeing Week

Wednesday 7 September: Book Week Celebrations

Friday 16 September: Last day of Term 2

Saturday 17 September to Sunday 2 October: School Holidays

Monday 3 October: First day of Term 4

Friday 14 October: Curriculum Day - no students at school

Printmaking classes after school at FPS

Kelly Sport Term 3

Parenting in Maribyrnong - sessions coming up in September


10 - 11.30am, Monday 5 September

Presenter: Playmoveimprove

Location: Maribyrnong Community Centre, 9 Randall St, Maribyrnong


This session is for parents to attend with their 4-6 year olds. Children will engage in fine motor play activities while the development of children’s emotional regulations skills is explained. It will also include: Practical ways parents and carers can support their child to manage their emotional regulation; Mindfulness activities for adults and children to do together; and there will be time for questions.

Children Travelling Safely in Cars

10 - 11.30am, Thursday 8 September

Presenter: TAC & Early Learning Association Aust.

Location: Maidstone Child and Family Centre, 23 Burns St, Maidstone


 This session provides important information on choosing, fitting and using rear facing child car seats. This is the first of two sessions (the second session will focus on forward facing child car seats). Find out about Victorian road laws, your responsibilities and the impacts of incorrectly fitted seats. There will be a time to ask questions as well.

The INFANT Nutrition Program

1.30 - 3.00pm, 6 months Tuesday 6 September

1.30 - 3.00pm, 9 months Wednesday 28 September

Presenter: Maternal & Child Health, cohealth


INFANT sessions will help you learn about understanding and responding to your baby’s cues/signs, when and how to introduce solid foods and a sippy cup, active play you can do together, and strategies for limiting screens. There will also be an opportunity for parents to share their tips.

Supporting Children's Behaviour: 0-5 years

10 - 11.00am, Tuesday 20 September

Presenter: MacKillop Family Services


 Discover how to use positive parenting strategies, why challenging behaviours might exist, what stops children listening, how to see more desirable and less challenging behaviour in this interactive online session.

Early Years - Children's Services Information Session September 2022