March 3rd 2023

Issue 2

Message from the Principal

In recent weeks, we sent out our first information related to parent contributions for 2023. We were blown away by the immediate response and we thank the 82 families who have already contributed. Alongside the curriculum contributions, we want to acknowledge the additional voluntary contributions that so many of you have made to All Aboard, the Building, Grounds and Library Funds, and areas such as first aid and communications. There are many perks to being a small school, my favourite being the capacity of staff to connect personally with students and families, but it can also stretch human and physical resources thin. This year we have 330 students and as our numbers reduce we receive less funding to do the fabulous things that make FPS the place to be. The contributions of those who are in a position to do so mean a lot to us and I know they mean the world to those families who are unable to contribute at this stage. Thank you. If you have any questions about parent contributions please feel free to reach out to our office staff. 


It was fabulous to spend the afternoon together as a community at our whole school picnic and information sessions last week. Thank you to everyone for attending and contributing to the $1475 raised from our Foundation and Year 1 Cake Stall. We had a group of parents who committed their time to organising the stall and we are so grateful to each of them and to Shell for her extraordinary efforts in making those delicious grazing platters. Thank you FPS family!

NAPLAN 15 March - 17 March

 Between Wednesday 15th March and Monday 27th March, our Year 3 and Year 5 students will undertake the National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). The purpose of NAPLAN is to check in on how well students are learning the essential skills of reading, writing and numeracy. It is also a chance for parents/carers to see how their child/ren are progressing against national standards over time. As a school we use these results to help identify students who need greater challenges or extra support. We use the data to identify strengths and areas of need in our teaching program, and to set goals in literacy and numeracy.
While we know that NAPLAN will provide us with valuable information about our students’ learning, we also understand that the assessment is only one snapshot of their growth and progress in knowledge building, conceptual understandings and skill development. It does not replace the value of our ongoing, every day assessments throughout the year. 


All of our Year 3 and Year 5 teachers are exposing students to previous NAPLAN tests, as well as providing opportunities to practice using the online testing platform through the Public Demonstration Site. We encourage families to do the same at home with their children.
The testing schedule at Footscray PS is as follows:

Week 7

Monday 13th

Wednesday 15th

Thursday 16th

Friday 17th



Year 3 Writing

Year 5 Writing

Year 3 Reading

Year 5 Maths



Year 5 Reading

Year 5 Lang Conv

Year 3 Lang Conv

Week 8

Monday 20th

Wednesday 22nd

Thursday 23rd

Friday 24th


Year 3 Maths

Catch ups

Catch ups

Catch ups

If you have any questions about any of the above please do not hesitate to contact Kathy Winton at or 9687 1910.

Thank you 

Assembly Schedule

To keep all the little things running in school is a complex task and there are many roles that teachers take on that you may not have thought about before. After a challenging few years, we are excited to work with staff in their newly allocated organisational roles to get some things locked in so as a community we all know ‘how we do things around here’. Jenny and Calum are our Assembly coordinators, Kim and Jenny are leading our Buddy Program, Gab is partnering with Calum to develop our Year 6 leadership program, and Katie is coordinating community celebrations with the support of Hannah who is our designated Marrung Champion and chair of the Reconciliation Action Plan Team. These roles all overlap and discussions have led to the creation of a new approach to Assembly. 


Week 1

F - Year 5 Buddies and Year 6 Leadership

This is a dedicated one hour session every three weeks where classes will work with their buddy class on a collaborative task or celebration. A dedicated time creates space for meaningful connection, collaboration, and community building. 


Our Year 6s will use this time to work in Student Action Teams and lead improvement across the school and within the local community. 

Week 2

Cohort Assembly

In this time, year levels will meet together for various purposes. They may use the time for SWPBS rewards, special announcements, sharing of learning or upcoming events, or just collaborative time to connect with peers across their year level group. 

Week 3

Whole School Assembly

On every third Friday, we invite you all to our whole school assembly. Each assembly will be facilitated by our Year 6 Student Leaders, and each year level will have an opportunity to take over across the year and showcase their learning for the whole school community. Stay tuned for the yearly schedule so you can lock in the times to see your children as they take over assembly with their peers. 


Year Level Drumming Performances

Drumming will also look different this year. We will be encouraging all children to participate weekly for one term with their year level. The learning will culminate in a special drumming assembly at the end of the term where will invite the whole school, families, and any interested members of the local community to come and enjoy the rhythms. 



Staffing Update

Unfortunately, we were unable to engage a Vietnamese Teacher in our last round of recruitment and we are currently re-advertising the position. Please reach out if you know of any qualified Vietnamese teachers who would like to join our team. The role is a part-time role, 2 days per week on Mon, Tues, or Wed. Thank you!

We would like to wish Rhiannon all the best as she starts her new admin role at her daughter’s school close to home. We miss her already! We have a position for a finance/admin position currently advertised online and closing this week. The role is 4 days per week and school finance experience is preferred. 

We welcome Cristian Trilli to our education support team for the rest of 2023. Cristian volunteered at FPS last year helping out in our Italian classrooms while he visited Australia with his family and was the successful applicant for our Italian Education Support vacancy. Cristian has completed a teaching qualification in Italy and has specialised in supporting students with additional learning needs. We look forward to working and learning with Cristian across the year.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Collection Notice

Information for students, parents and carers

The Department of Education (the department) values your privacy and is committed to protecting the personal and health information that schools collect.

All school staff must comply with Victorian privacy law and the Schools’ Privacy Policy. This notice explains how the department, including Victorian government schools (schools), handles personal and health information. On occasion, specific consent will be sought for the collection and use of information, for example, for a student to receive a health service. Our schools are also required by legislation, such as the Education and Training Reform Act 2006, to collect some of this information.

Throughout this notice, ‘staff’ includes principals, teachers, student support service officers, youth workers, social workers, nurses and any other allied health practitioners, and all other employees, contractors, volunteers and service providers of the school and the department.

On enrolment, and during the ordinary course of a student’s attendance at a school, schools will collect information about students and their families for the following purposes:

  • educating students
  • supporting students’ social and emotional wellbeing, and health 
  • fulfilling legal obligations, including duty of care, anti-discrimination law and occupational health and safety law
  • communicating and engaging with parents
  • student administration
  • school management
  • supporting policy in relation to student education and wellbeing.

If this information is not collected, schools may be unable to provide optimal education or support to students or fulfil legal obligations.

For example, our schools rely on parents to provide health information about any medical condition or disability that their child has, medication their child may take while at school, any known allergies and contact details of their child’s doctor. If parents do not provide all relevant health information, this may put their child’s health at risk.

Our schools also require current, relevant information about all parents and carers so that schools can take account of safety concerns that affect their children. Parents should provide schools with copies of all current parenting plans and court orders about or that affect their children and provide updated copies when they change.

When parents enrol their child in primary school, they will be asked to provide personal and health information in several ways, including via the Enrolment Form, the School Entrance Health Questionnaire (SEHQ) and the Early Childhood Intervention Service (ECIS) Transition Form.

The Enrolment Form is used to collect information that is essential for the purposes listed above, and requests information such as:

  • Emergency contacts – Individuals parents nominate for a school to contact during an emergency. Parents should ensure that their nominated emergency contact agrees to their contact details being provided to the school and that they understand their details may be disclosed by the department if lawful, e.g. in the case of emergency communications relating to bush fires or floods.
  • Student background information – Information about country of birth, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin, language spoken at home and parent occupation. This information enables the department to allocate appropriate resources to schools. The department also uses this information to plan for future educational needs in Victoria and shares some information with the Commonwealth government to monitor, plan and allocate resources.
  • Immunisation status – This assists schools to manage health risks and legal obligations. The department may also provide this information to the Department of Health and Department of Families, Fairness and Housing to assess immunisation rates in Victoria, but not in a way which identifies students.
  • Visa status – This is required to process a student’s enrolment.

All schools may use departmental systems and online tools such as apps and other software to effectively collect and manage information about students and families for the purposes listed above.

When schools use these online tools, they take steps to ensure that student information is secure. If parents or carers have any concerns about the use of these online tools, please contact the school.

School staff will only share student and family information with other school staff who need to know to enable them to educate or support the student as described above. Information will only be shared outside the school (and outside the department) as required or authorised by law, including where sharing is required to meet duty of care, anti-discrimination, occupational health and safety, and child wellbeing and safety obligations. The information collected will not be disclosed beyond the school and department without parent consent unless such disclosure is lawful.

When a student transfers to another school (including Catholic, independent and interstate), personal and/or health information about that student may be transferred to the next school. Transferring this information is in the best interests of the student and assists the next school to provide the best possible education and support to the student. For further detail about how and what level of information is provided to the next school, refer to the: Enrolment: Student transfers between schools

Schools only provide school reports and ordinary school communications to students, parents, carers or others who have a legal right to that information. Requests for access to other student information or by others must be made by lodging a Freedom of Information (FOI) application.

To update student or family information, parents should contact their school.


Terri Campbell Partnership

Last Monday, we held our curriculum day to launch our professional inquiry into creating a community of readers, writers and thinkers. Terri Campbell is leading our inquiry and we will continue our learning together in our after school professional learning on Mondays and Tuesdays. Terri will join us each fortnight to share effective practices in teaching vocabulary, using rich mentor texts to spotlight powerful writing practices, and strengthening the read-write connection as our young learners transfer their reading experiences into their own craft as writers.

Terri Campbell Partnership 1Terri Campbell Pic 2
Terri Campbell Pic 3Terri Campbell Pic 5
Terri Campbell Pic 4

2023 School Photo days

A reminder that school photos are taking place next week on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th March. Details about which levels will be on which day will be forwarded shortly.

Siblings will be photographed throughout both days. Ordering sibling photos must be submitted by the 24th March 2023.

For any queries about school photos please email

Thank you


Sabrina Rubini Photography



We need your help for our Community Day Saturday 18th March!

Our Community Day is fast approaching! We have many exciting activities planned for the day commencing with an official opening of our new Palazzo. We have an historical display of artefacts from the school dating back to the 1800s through to the 2000s, a series of oral history interviews and films from previous Footscray PS students, and performances by the local dance company, Dance Habit, our own FPS choir and African drummers. There will be food trucks and spaces set up for quiet calming colouring, storytelling in the library and a sensory space.


However, to ensure the day runs smoothly we desperately need some more hands to help out! We have a sign-up sheet below for those who are available to staff one of the activities or help with set up and/or pack up for the day - even just an hour would be a huge help for us!


Thank you!

Community Day

Picnic and information sessions

Thank you to all our families for joining us last week at our whole school picnic and year level information sessions. The buzz across the school as families and teachers came together in our new playgrounds, under our new Palestra, on our new big rocks and in our sandpit was energising for all of us!


Thank you also to our fabulous teaching team who prepared and presented detailed information to their year level families about the upcoming learning for the year, and also provided more comprehensive termly overviews for Term 1.


As the picnic and information sessions were such a hit, we’ve decided to kick off every year with this community event. Termly overviews will be sent home with students and provided on compass at the beginning of each term.

Picnic 1
Picnic 2
Picnic 3

Picnic 4

Dates to Remember

Term 1 

March 15 - 27

NAPLAN - Year 3 and 5
Sat, Mar 18 FPS Community Day
Fri, Mar 24

Ride to School Day

Special Breakfast with a Special Guest  Harmony Day (Commence search for orange clothing)

Wed 29- Thurs 30 MarSchool Photos
 Term 2 
Mon, May 29 Pupil Free Curriculum Day
 Term 3 
Jul 24 - 28, Aug 1 - 5 (Mon -Fri, 2 weeks)Foundation - Year 4 Intensive Swimming Program
Term 4 
Mon, Nov 6 (Day before Cup PH)Pupil Free Professional Practice Day
Dec 6- 8 (Wed-Fri)Year 5/6 Portsea Camp 
Dec 13 - 15 (Wed-Fri)Year 3/4 Camp Rumbug

Chess Club

Chess Coaching At Footscray Primary School 2023

Term 1

Dear Parent,

As you know, chess masters at Chess Australia Pty Ltd have been coaching students at chess lessons around Australia

The feedback from students, teachers and parents has been fantastic.

Chess Australia Pty Ltd is proud to announce that we will be running chess club lessons starting from Monday February 27 the chess club will operate under the supervision of the International Master and FIDE (International Chess Federation) accredited and registered trainer Leonid Sandler, who was also the captain of the Australian Women's Chess Olympic Team.

(For more information on Leonid Sandler, visit the web side

Chess is a mind game that stimulates the brain development. The question that every parent will ask is:

What can chess do for my child?

Our role as educators is to prepare students with skills for life. In order for our students to become independent thinkers and self-starters, they must be equipped with the ability to analyse and reason, be quick problem solvers, strategists and good planners.

The following skills will become part of the students’ way of thinking: Problem Solving, Abstract Analysis, Spatial Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning, Logical and Critical Thinking, Intellectual Maturity, Originality, Cognitive Skill Enhancement, Concentration, Increased Memory Capacity, Organisational Skills, Decision making under pressure and much more.

When:    Commencing     Monday February 27

                  Last Lesson       Monday April 3

Times:   3-35 pm -4-30 pm (after school).

Please pick up your child on time to avoid additional fees.

Cost:      $80 Payment by cash

 Or electronic funds transfer (EFT)

BSB 013440 account number 496191321


Please apply before February 27, payments not later than March 6

Name: …………………………………………… Grade: ........... Address: ……………………………………………………………

Email: ………………………………………………………………

Phone Numbers: ..........................................................................

PO Box 9054, South Yarra, Vic 3141, Leonid Sandler: 0412 201 891


Parenting in Maribyrnong Jan- Mar 2023

The INFANT Nutrition Program
6 months: 1.30-3.00pm, Tuesday 7 March
9 months; 1.30-3.00pm, Wednesday 22 March
Presenter:    Maternal & Child Health

INFANT sessions will help you learn about understanding and responding to your baby’s cues/signs, when and how to introduce solid foods and a sippy cup, active play you can do together, and strategies for limiting screens. There will also be an opportunity for parents to share their tips.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating for Children
7.30-8.30pm, Thursday 9 March
Presenter:    Maribyrnong Early Years

This online session is for families with children aged 3-5 years, and will include information on Australian Dietary Guidelines, how to make informed, healthy food choices for kindergarten/school lunches, and lots of practical ideas for involving children.

Triple T - Tips for Toilet Training
7.30-8.30pm Tuesday 14 March
Presenter:    Maternal & Child Health

This online session will focus on the toilet training journey, and provide you with tips and time for questions. Find out how kindergarten and long day child care staff can support your child. Suitable for families with children 2 -4 years of age.

Language Tips for Raising Bilingual Children
7-8.30pm, Tuesday 21 March
Presenter: Speech Ease Speech Pathology

This online session will provide strategies to parents and carers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds about ways to encourage their child’s language learning journey, so that they can be supported in both their home language and English. The session will also discuss and answer frequently asked questions and common beliefs about language development and delays in the context of learning two or more languages.

Welcoming a New Baby
10.30-11.30am, Wednesday 29 March
Presenter:    Maternal & Child Health

Are you welcoming another baby to your family soon, and thinking about how to prepare for the new addition? This online session will discuss ways to prepare your older child for a sibling, look at common issues in this early parenting phase with a new baby, understand your older child's needs and practical strategies for parents, and manage the care of more than one child.

Netball open day