Important Dates to Remember

 Term 3 
 Wednesday 16th AugustYear F-3 Music Concert - 2.30pm
 Friday 18th AugustYear 4-6 Music Concert - 2pm
Assembly - 3pm
 Wednesday 23rd AugustBook Week Celebrations
 Friday 8th SeptemberAssembly - 3pm
 Tuesday 12th SeptemberCelebration of Learning - 3pm
 Friday 15th SeptemberFooty Colours Day 
2.30pm Finish - Last day of Term 3
 Term 4 
 Monday 6th NovemberPupil Free Professional Practice Day
 Tuesday 7th NovemberPublic Holiday
 Wednesday 6th December - Friday 8th   DecemberYear 5/6 Portsea Camp 
(Wednesday to Friday)
 Wednesday 13th December - Friday   15th DecemberYear 3/4 Camp Rumbug
(Wednesday to Friday)
 Wednesday 20th December1.30pm Finish - Last day of Term 4

Principal's Message

Hello gorgeous FPS community. This week I had the absolute pleasure of presenting to the Footscray Learning Precinct Advisory Board about the rich learning program that Bec has designed and enacted in Science and Design (with a creative helping hand from Dr Loz). Prior to the presentation, Bec and I interviewed a few Year 2 students to hear their thoughts about Science and Design at FPS. Here are some snippets of what they said.

We had some questions at the start of the year, but now we have so many we will never be able to answer them all.

We have lots of space and we get to decide where our learning goes and how to show our ideas. Like making, and sculpting.

The best experiment we did was when we mixed the primary colours in the oil. We were real scientists doing experiments with pipettes.

I wondered if a jellyfish was alive because it doesn't have a brain. Someone said a tree is alive and doesn't have a brain. Then I wondered if it has an exoskeleton because some animals have exoskeletons. I did some research. They are animals. They don't have brains and blood but they eat things through a hole in the middle of their body so it must be alive, because it eats.

Science FPS

NAPLAN Writing Data

In this edition, I will be sharing our Writing NAPLAN results with you. This year, we commenced our professional inquiry into effective practices in teaching writing. We identified Writing as an area for development through previous NAPLAN results and school-based assessments. As we had only started our learning at the time NAPLAN was conducted, we were pleased to see such strong results in our Year 3 cohort. Our work continues in this space, with the ongoing development of a strong writing curriculum centred on writing for authentic purposes and learning grids to guide teacher planning and assessment. Whilst the number of students achieving in the Needs Additional Support category remains low, our aspiration is to ensure all children move towards the expected level and above. Teachers will come together in an upcoming professional learning session to analyse this data at a whole school, cohort, and individual level to inform their teaching approach moving forward. As reflected in this data, we have a particular focus on extending our young authors as they move into the senior years to maintain the high level of achievement shown in Year 3.

NAPLAN 2023 Writing Data


Developing Maths Skills through Games

As a staff group, we have been inquiring into the big ideas in Mathematics and our starting point is the big idea of ‘Trusting the Count’. There are some great games that you can play to reinforce this idea at home. Any game involving dice helps develop a child’s ability to ‘subitise’ – which is when they can look at a collection of dots and know how many are there without counting. This is a critical skill for maths development. Games that involve moving around a board help your child learn that each square must be counted once and once only and the total number moved must match the number on the dice. This is known as one-to-one correspondence and is a key understanding in counting. Below I have shared some of my favourite maths games to play at home.

Monopoly Junior – This game is much simpler and faster to play than regular Monopoly. Most versions only have $1 notes so it is a great way to develop the concept of counting for addition. ($20-$30 at most toy stores and department stores)

Bingo - Bingo is great fun for all age groups.  It helps with number recognition and reading one and two digit numbers ($10 - 15 Kmart).

Hookey – Hookey involves throwing small rings onto pegs that each have a different value. This is great for mental addition of single digit numbers ($12 – 15 Kmart).

Uno – This card game develops number recognition and strategic thinking ($8-10 – Department stores, Toy Stores, some Supermarkets).

Snakes and Ladders – There is maths all through this well-loved game – counting, number recognition, direction, chance and probability ($6 at Kmart or search for a printable PDF version online).

Numeracy Community of Practice (CoP)

Jackie and I are very fortunate to be involved in a Community of Practice running here at FPS. What is a CoP I hear you ask? It’s a group of like minded professionals, in our case teachers, Learning Specialists, Assistant Principals and Principals who gather together to discuss the practices around teaching that are happening in their schools. Our CoP discusses, shares, inquires and celebrates the teaching of numeracy that is happening in the schools in and around Footscray. We have been joined by representatives from Footscray High, University High, The Royal Children’s Hospital school, The Cherry Creek Youth Justice Centre, Footscray West, North and City Primary schools and Yarraville Special Development School to name a few. The sessions are being facilitated by Renee Ladner, a numeracy consultant working with Mathematics Association Victoria (MAV). We have had vigorous discussions around engaging mathematics learners, working with students who have a fear or dislike of mathematics, having consistent practices across particularly the primary and high schools to support a smooth transition, and how to differentiate for the wide range of abilities in our classrooms. We have shared practices, resources, our problems and are forging a close professional network of supportive, like minded adult learners. Each school has set themselves a puzzle of practice to investigate and here at FPS we are looking into how we can integrate moments of numeracy across our whole day not just in maths sessions, and how we can develop and use a common vocabulary in our numeracy teaching to support the students transitions between year levels. Jackie and I are looking forward to the rest of the sessions over this and next term and we have already enjoyed sharing new resources and ideas with our teams - Caroline

Student Attendance

Next Wednesday, a small group of staff will be heading to the University of Melbourne to participate in a research project around supporting student absence and attendance. The aim of this partnership between the University of Melbourne and local schools is to build the capacity of schools to apply a multi-tiered system of support to promote and encourage a culture of high school attendance. We are looking forward to the new knowledge and strategies we can gain from this professional learning opportunity.

If you are experiencing difficulties in relation to your child’s attendance, please reach out to your child’s classroom teacher. While schools unfortunately do not always have the scope to support all obstacles occurring outside of the school environment, we can often partner creatively with you to incentivise school attendance. Ultimately, promoting school attendance comes from understanding the root cause of potential obstacles, and classroom teachers will reach out to the wellbeing leadership team if they feel further support is needed.

Logging known absences is also very important and helps us ensure that we have students accounted for as safe and well on all school days. Recording, tracking and following up unexplained absences is a requirement of the Department of Education for all schools, and as such, you may have recently received a notification from Compass that you have an outstanding unexplained absence for your child/ren. These should not cause too much worry, as we can easily rectify these records once a parent or carer has confirmed the reason for absence. If you feel there are any discrepancies in unexplained absences for your child, please contact our office on

Compass Update

Firstly, we would like to extend a big thank you to everyone in our school community who is using the Compass platform to log absences, consent and/or pay for events, and keep up to date with school communication. As communicated earlier in term 3, we are using this term to slowly transition over to exclusive use of the Compass platform. If you have any questions about using Compass or would like assistance, you can drop into the library between 3:00  and 3:30pm on Thursdays where a member of staff is available to assist. We are also reviewing our use of the Compass platform for communication, and have identified the understandable difficulty that can come with keeping up with Compass alerts from administration, leadership and teachers, particularly for families with children in multiple year levels. To address this, we are currently revising a more streamlined communication structure, for example, receiving a weekly post with all relevant updates and alerts for a particular year level. We appreciate your patience and partnership as we create this new process. If you need your unique Compass login details, or a password reset, please drop into our office where our administration team are happy to help.

Compass QR codes

Intensive Swimming 2023

Some were anxious. Some were eager. Some were keen. Some were unfazed. Some were just okay.

After 10 back to back swimming lessons I can confidently say this:

EVERYONE was awesome. EVERYONE was successful. EVERYONE was challenged. EVERYONE filled my bucket.

Fourteen days ago I sat poolside witnessing our FPS kids nervously walk to their swimming lessons and meet a new friend in their swimming instructor. Some were challenged, had set backs, but they have all proudly completed a successful Intensive Swimming Program. A big part of the program is the support I get from our amazing teachers and ES staff. Teachers who drove home in their lunchbreak to get their student a towel. Teachers who emailed me everyday with their updated volunteer list. Teachers and ES staff who laid down in the water poolside to calm one of their students down. Teachers who brought hair ties so their students could see through their goggles. ES staff who held their students hands when they could predict that they weren’t coping very well. I am lucky to have EVERYONES support.

The support of you all makes the craziness of having 200 students each day dried, changed, bags packed, counted and back on the bus to school so much easier. Thank you to each and every parent, carer, grandparent and friend who sat in the humid, chlorine fuelled conditions and supported us all.

Over the fourteen days, we had over 2000 (that's 200 students per day) swimmers participate! Wow wow wow! You will all witness the intensity and mayhem of a fourteen day swimming program when the weather gets nicer and you see your kids excel in the swimming pool. We witnessed beautiful moments of Foundation friends helping their friends in the changerooms pack their bags. We witnessed Grade 4 friends in a class full of Foundation friends and not care one bit, they were in the pool and that’s all that matters. We witnessed independence. We witnessed success. We witnessed little legends being AWESOME!

I was yelled at ever so enthusiastically by a Foundation friend saying “Nadine the swimming pool is the best.” And it is! The life saving skills that our FPS students have acquired and mastered over the last fourteen days will make everyone’s Summer so much more safer and enjoyable.

I have loved seeing their pool enthusiasm grow (and deplete over the second week). I have loved seeing them and their teachers enjoy the inflatables today. I hope to see this much fun and growth occur in the 2024 Intensive Swimming Program.

Principals’ Day

Today marks Principals’ Day 2023. As a school community, we would like to use this day to recognise the tireless work of our Principal, Jen, and Assistant Principal, Kathy. As a school, we are so lucky to be guided by two knowledgeable, empathetic and fearless leaders. We are proud that Footscray Primary School is seen as the place to be by staff and students alike, and this is due to the mammoth efforts put in by both Jen and Kathy to create an exceptional learning and work environment for our community. It is no secret that school leadership has been a dynamic and challenging space over recent years, yet throughout it all, our Principal team has never veered from putting students at the centre of everything we do, and ensuring our school is a vibrant and fun place to come each day. To Jen and Kathy we say thank you, Footscray Primary School would not be what it is without you!

We also recognise all our Principal class colleagues across the network and state. If you have a Principal in your life, make sure you reach out to them today and show them some love! 

Principals Day

Policy Update

At our July School Council meeting, several school policies were presented and endorsed.

These policies include:

  • Administration of Medication
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Asthma
  • Duty of Care
  • First Aid
  • Health Care Needs
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Visitors
  • Volunteers
  • Working with Children Clearance Register

Some of these policies will be uploaded to our school website shortly, while others are available on request. Should you ever have any questions relating to school policy or wish to request a hard copy of a particular policy, please email, or drop into the office.

Allied Health Reports and Assessments

We are aware many of our students are fortunate to benefit from additional allied health support through NDIS or private providers. As a school we encourage families to share any reports linked to these therapies or services with teaching staff if you feel comfortable doing so. These reports often contain practical and helpful recommendations for classroom strategies or learning styles that teachers can work to embed into their practice, and include in individualised student plans if required.

If you have new or updated reports that you would like to share with the school, you can email these to, or alternatively, provide the school with a hard copy that can be scanned. We understand these reports can contain sensitive information and are very happy to receive only the school relevant elements of any reports. Any personal student reports are treated confidentiality, and only accessed by staff for the purpose of informing teaching and learning programs and understanding any specific student needs.      

2023 Parent / Caregiver / Guardian Opinion Survey


Our school is conducting a survey to find out what parents / caregivers / guardians think of our school. The Parent / Caregiver / Guardian Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education that is designed to assist schools in gaining an understanding of families’ perceptions of school climate, student behaviour, and student engagement. The survey is optional, but we encourage all families to participate. Our school will use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies. All families are invited to participate in the survey.

The Parent / Caregiver / Guardian Opinion Survey will be open from Monday 7 August to Friday 8 September 2023.

The survey will be conducted online, only takes 20 minutes to complete, and can be accessed at any convenient time within the survey period on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. The online survey will be available in English and 10 other languages including Arabic, Greek, Hakha Chin, Hindi, Japanese, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, Somali, Turkish, and Vietnamese. The results of this survey will be shared at our future annual reporting meeting. Last year we used the survey results to plan for improvement goals as part of our annual implementation plan, such as streamlining methods of communication between home and school. 

Please speak to your child’s teacher if you would like more information.

Footscray Primary School Celebrates 100 Days!

Hooray! Our young learners in Foundation have reached a remarkable milestone - 100 giorni di scuola!

With giggles and joy, our students have embarked on an exciting educational journey. In these 100 days, they've explored letters, numbers, and the wonders of the world around them. Their creativity has flourished, friendships blossomed, and their curiosity has been ignited.

We express gratitude to our supportive families who have nurtured these young minds. As we move forward, let's continue to inspire, empower, and celebrate every step of our students' journey.

Here are some happy snaps from the afternoon.

Foundation 2023 100 Days

Art Therapy at FPS

This term, as part of Footscray Primary School's Mental Health and Wellbeing Program, we will be offering Art Therapy sessions.

We have partnered with LaTrobe University to offer an Art Therapy student placement, and we have been lucky to secure Barbara Grellman. She will be supporting students on Monday and Tuesday in both individual and small group sessions until December. Class teachers have identified students who would benefit from this opportunity, and we have ensured students will not miss any specialist class. We are excited to have them participate.

Art therapy primarily emphasises the process of creating art rather than fixating on the final outcome. It focuses on exploring emotions and self-discovery through artistic expression, and has proven to be highly beneficial in dealing with challenges and reducing stress.

Art Therapy can provide the following:
• give voice to experiences and feelings not easily expressed in words
• relax and de-stress
• develop self-awareness and self-esteem
• work on social skills and emotional regulation
• manage behaviours and/or symptoms
• solve problems by looking with a different perspective.
If you have any concerns or queries regarding the program, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,

Jenny Campbell - Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader

FPS Music Concerts

FPS Music Concerts

News from the Year 6 Art Leaders

Today we hosted a fundraiser to raise money to purchase prizes for an exciting art competition that we are running later in the year. We are so looking forward to seeing how many art works are submitted (hopefully a lot!) and we are sure they will all be incredible…stay tuned for more information!

Cleo, Elsie and Amina – Year 6 Art Leaders.

News from the Year 6 Music Leaders

We are very excited to announce our concert series where every class will be rocking out our instruments and voices in the Edwardian building. There will be 2 separate concerts. F - 3 will be performing for you on Wednesday the 16th of August from 2.30 - 3.30pm, and our Year 4 - 6 students will perform on Friday the 18th of August from 2.00-3.00pm, followed by assembly. We’ve all been practising for a long time and we would love to see you all there!

Chelsea and Alex

Foundation 2024 Enrolments

A reminder that enrolment forms for 2024 need to be provided to the school as soon as possible as we are already planning for next year's Foundation classes!

FPS Enrolments Page

Book and Costume Swap

Book and Costume Flyer 1Book and Costume Flyer 2

Compass School Management Platform

Over the course of term 3, we will be transitioning to the primary use of the Compass platform for school communication, event permissions and logging student absences. Families can use this platform via internet browser or the Compass app. Hard copy information regarding this transition was sent home with the eldest child of all families late last week. 

We will be offering a number of supports to families who may experience any difficulties using the Compass platform. One of these supports will be a weekly drop-in session on Thursdays between 3pm and 3:30pm in the library. A staff member will be available to help families navigate any elements of Compass that you are unsure of, or any other technical support needs.

Please find the following parent resources from Compass:

Across the term, we will continue to identify families with exceptional circumstances that prevent the use of Compass and in these cases provide alternate means of communication.

If you have any Compass related questions, please contact or visit our school office.

Compass Account 1

Compass Account 2

Compass Account 4

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