September 1st 2023

Issue 8

Important Dates to Remember

 Term 3 
 Wednesday 23rd AugustBook Week Parade - 9.30am
 Wednesday 30th AugustYear 3 Sustainability Walk
 Thursday 31st AugustFoundation Zoo visit
 Friday 1st SeptemberSchool Disco
1.  4-5.30pm for Foundation to Year 2
2.  5.45-7pm for Years 3 to 6
 Thursday 7th SeptemberYear 2 Sleepover
 Friday 8th SeptemberAssembly - 3pm
 Tuesday 12th SeptemberCelebration of Learning - 3pm to 3.30pm
Market Day (Year 5/6 Celebration of Learning)
Public Reporting Meeting 3.45pm
 Friday 15th September2.30pm Finish - Last day of Term 3
 Term 4 
 Monday 6th NovemberPupil Free Professional Practice Day
 Tuesday 7th NovemberPublic Holiday
 Wednesday 6th December - Friday 8th   DecemberYear 5/6 Portsea Camp 
(Wednesday to Friday)
 Wednesday 13th December - Friday   15th DecemberYear 3/4 Camp Rumbug
(Wednesday to Friday)
 Monday 18th DecemberGraduation
 Wednesday 20th December1.30pm Finish - Last day of Term 4

Principal's Message

It has been another busy fortnight at Footscray Primary School. We hosted the Bilingual Schools Teacher Network (BSTN) for the very first time. The BSTN comes together once per term and the day always includes a student-led tour of the host school. This is generally done by Year 5/6 leaders but in our school, our eldest students in the bilingual cohort are currently in Year 2 and 3. We selected a number of young people to lead these tours and our guests were blown away by their leadership, courtesy, and knowledge. Kathy and I presented to the network on our school context and learning model, Nick and Hannah presented our approach to collaborative planning, and Jackie presented our approach to Reading in Italian.

This week we hosted the Melbourne-Maribyrnong Principal Network, where Jenny Campbell joined three other Mental Health Wellbeing Leaders from across the network to share the impact of their work. Jenny works closely with many of our young people who face various challenges and has supported families to access external providers for additional help. She has been leading our work on SWPBS, she introduced (and staffs) the friendship zone and engagement program, amongst a very long and exhausting list of other roles and initiatives across the school. Thank you Jenny!

Taking and Sharing Photos of School Events

With the recent string of whole school events and excursions, we have noticed many people photographing or filming. Within our Photographing, Filming and Recording Students Policy (link below) we do permit the use of photography at school events, however, any photos including children other than your own are not permitted to be shared in any forum without consent from the child’s parent or carer. This includes social media, email, text, and group messaging platforms such as messenger and whatsapp. Many families do not wish to have their child’s image shared for a range of reasons including personal preference of the parent or child, security concerns about various digital platforms, and safety risks in relation to protective orders for personal safety or family violence. If you have recently shared images without parental consent of another child, we ask that you delete those images/films and be mindful in future cases of either seeking permission or cropping images to only show your child’s image before sharing photos.

Public Reporting Meeting - September 12

Public Reporting Meeting  2023

Enrolments and Departures 2024

Workforce planning in schools starts now for the next school year and to ensure we have reasonable class sizes and quality teachers locked in for your children, it is critical that we have realistic projections of our enrolment numbers. If you are relocating in 2024 and your child/ren will no longer be attending Footscray Primary School, could you please email and notify our office staff.

If you have a child starting school at FPS in 2024, enrolment forms are now overdue. We have an increase in demand for next year and we are close to creating an additional Foundation class for the year ahead. Please let us know if you require help completing the enrolment forms.

Parent Opinion Survey

It isn’t too late to complete your parent/carer opinion survey. We have had our greatest response rate yet with 101 families completing the annual survey, representing 37% of our community. To ensure we make decisions based on the community’s voice, it would be great to see that number increase even more. Check your compass feed for the login details. The survey is accessible until September 8, 2023.

Developing Maths Skills through Games

This week I will continue to share some of my favourite games to play at home that build mathematical skills and understanding. The skill level of these games is slightly higher than the ones we looked at previously. They are likely games you already play, but perhaps you haven’t thought about how much maths is required to play them.
Monopoly – An old favourite for many, Monopoly requires a lot of mathematical calculation and reasoning. For younger players, you can focus on the addition of the two dice, counting spaces, and finding the correct money to pay for things. You can provide support for the more difficult tasks. Another great skill for the younger players is to use number facts and find patterns to help move around the board without counting each square. For older players, calculating change, making deals and trading notes for smaller or larger ones will keep the maths challenge high. If possible, get the versions with cash, rather than automated machines that do the maths for you!
Yahtzee – This game is fantastic for kids and adults! The key concept in this game is chance and taking informed risks to get the highest score. Mental addition of one and two digit numbers is required on every turn. The different dice combinations can be tricky to grasp when first playing, but once they are understood it is a quick, exciting game.
Scrabble – Literacy and numeracy all rolled into one! Adding and comparing scores, doubling and tripling letters and whole word scores allow for loads of mental maths computation throughout this game.

Indigenous Literacy Foundation fundraising

Book SwapBig thanks to everyone who donated to our Book and Costume Swap! With your help, the stall was full of great books and costumes. We really enjoyed running the stall and seeing so many of you getting involved. We were aiming to raise $300 but we have raised $547. We are so excited to think of all the books the Indigenous Literacy Foundation will be able to get out to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids living in remote communities.

Book Swap
Thanks to Elise, Pippa and the FPS Social Club for helping run the fundraiser.

From Peggy, Patty and Leilani (Year 5) 

Book Swap Book Swap
 Book Swap

Year 5/6 Italian: Carnevale

Carnevale 1
Ciao a tutti. Our gorgeous 5/6 students are currently learning about Italian Carnevale and new language structures as well as Italian culture. The children have started to design a mask and are learning to use is/are/colors/sentence constructions to describe le maschere. They are also creating their masks based on the natural elements and emotions as inspiration. No googling allowed. Let’s see what they come up with - Masterpieces for sure!

Anna - Italian Teacher

Carnevale 2 Carnevale

Book Week

Every kid loves a chance to dress up. Every kid (well most) loves books. Why not combine them?
Book week is a great way for kids to express their creativity and love of books. It is always lots of fun and a day everyone looks forward to. The book week of 2023 was fantastic! We even had whole classes dress up to a theme. It was hilarious! Everyone was placed in different multi age groups that they stayed in all day. These groups then went around doing different activities based on books from the 2023 award list. Some of the activities were making bookmarks, a scavenger hunt and cracking codes!
Everyone had a brilliant time and we’re sure next year’s will be just as good!

Ari and Hyeonwoo

Book Week 2023

Lost Property

Our lost property is currently overflowing with uniform, and non-uniform items, such as gloves, jackets and runners.  If you are missing an item, please check the lost property, located in the Bluestone building, before the last week of term.

If you have lost a small or valuable item, please check with the office.

Italian Classes for Adults

COASIT are running Intermediate Italian classes on a Thursday.  
If you are interested in attending, please email Alexander Parise as soon as possible.

Footy Colours Day - Last day of Term 3

Fight Cancer Foundation’s Footy Colours Day is a national fundraising event in September where thousands of Australians come together to show their support for kids with cancer. Students can wear their favourite footy colours for a gold coin donation which will go towards supporting students with cancer.

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