Visual Art



The Primary Years Program (PYP) views visual arts as a form of expression, intrinsic to all cultures.


The Visual Arts Program at Footscray Primary School aims to provide students with opportunities to explore a range of different art materials, skills and tools. Promoting student personal confidence is a high priority. Each year the program endeavours to include the following:

  • mark making
  • drawing
  • painting
  • printing
  • collage
  • sculpture
  • threads and textiles
  • construction
  • art appreciation

Elements such as line, shape, colour, texture, tone and space are discussed, demonstrated and investigated throughout the year.


All students are formally assessed using the Victorian Curriculum. The four different assessable areas include:

  • Exploration and Expression
  • Visual Arts practices
  • Presentation and Performance
  • Response and Interpretation

The Biennial Art Show is an important event in our school calendar, a time to celebrate art work and student self- expression. This year the art show was scheduled to be held on Friday 30th October, however, this has been postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions. 


We look forward to fostering, unpacking and discovering the inner artist within your child.