Vietnamese Language Learning

In 2021, our Year 2-6 (and possibly Year 1 TBC) students will continue to learn Vietnamese for two hours each week in an innovative Vietnamese language learning program. One hour each week will focus on pure language learning and a second hour will be taught through an additional content area using an evidence-based language teaching approach called Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). This program will be of the highest quality and will reach beyond our school gates through authentic partnerships with our local Vietnamese community. 


We have appointed a language leader to work within the leadership team and with our language teachers to build a quality program. We have also engaged an expert consultant in Language Education to work with our leaders and teachers to develop educational programs that embed and showcase excellence in language learning. Our Vietnamese teaching team are building a rich curriculum that encapsulates language learning and cultural understanding in line with the Victorian Curriculum guidelines.


Current Vacancies


Music Teacher – Vietnamese Language  

Fixed term part-time, time fraction 0.6

27/01/2021 – 27/01/2022

Applications close 20/9/2020


For further information and application:

Job ID 1197687