Student Wellbeing and Safety

At Footscray Primary School, we understand that the wellbeing of our students is enhanced and learning outcomes optimised when they feel connected to others and experience safe and trusting relationships. Students who feel connected, safe and secure are more likely to be active participants in their learning and to achieve better physical, emotional, social and educational outcomes. 

During 2019 a Bullying Prevention Policy and a parent handbook on Understanding Bullying was written and distributed to our school community. A Sensory Space was created and a weekly planned program offered to students with sensory needs. Teachers have commented that students return from the program engaged, focussed and ready to learn. During break times, the Student Support Space and Library provide respite for students who find themselves overwhelmed navigating the social elements of the schoolyard. We also offer a variety of lunch clubs and active play options. 




Remind, Redirect, Relocate, Reflect


We use the 4Rs to respectfully facilitate strong decision-making and maintain safe and supportive learning environments.


Classroom expectations are defined and clarified as a class each year. Children are supported to make strong choices with respectful reminders and opportunities to reflect on their decision making to set goals moving forward.









Fess Up, Face Up, Fix Up, Follow Up

When students need to reflect on a challenging situation we use respectful restorative practices and we use the 4Fs to support children to reflect on their choices and take ownership over their own actions. 



A PDF is available below if you would like a copy of the 4Rs and 4Fs to use at home. 


4Fs and 4Rs