We are grateful for the talented and dedicated staff who work hard to ensure all children of Footscray Primary School experience academic, social and emotional success. The staffing structure for 2021 is below. 


School Improvement Team


Jen Briggs - Principal 

Sally Curmi - Assistant Principal 

Janine Bell - Leading Teacher - PYP & Assessment & Reporting 

Chris Wilson - Leading Teacher - Student Wellbeing & Engagement 

Julia Woods - Learning Specialist - Curriculum & LOTE  

Jackie Robertson - Learning Specialist - Curriculum & Bilingual  


Professional Learning Teams (PLT)



Jackie Robertson (PLT Leader & Learning Specialist/Italian)

Sarah Tregonning (PLT Leader & Learning Specialist/Italian)

Caitlin Wood

Brigid Blakeney (Italian)


Year One

Emily Roberts (PLT Leader)

Nick Boffa (Italian)


Year Two

Julia Woods (PLT Leader & Learning Specialist)

Chris Brown

Joslyn Csobonyei


Year Three/Four

Caroline Donovan (PLT Leader)

Stephanie Bragaglia

Luke Jones

Tina Sanfilippo


Year Five

Bec Welsford (PLT Leader)

Janine Bell (Leading Teacher)

Hannah Clarke


Year Six

Andrew Gray (PLT Leader)

Calum Dickson


Specialist Team

Chris Robinson - PLT Leader & Physical Education F-6

Wendy Platt - Visual Art F-6

Hanh Tran - Vietnamese F-6

Emma Rudin - Music (Foundation & Year 1)

Xuhi Nguyen - Music/Vietnamese (Year 2-6)

Kim Satchell - Graduate support


Education Support Staff

Carol Moore - Learning Support

Joyce Aquilina - Learning Support

Kate Kingsmill - Learning Support

Christine Richsteig - Learning Support

Federica Mancusi - CO.AS.IT Language Assistant

Kylie Doust - Language Assistant

Katrina Firman - Library



Rowena Harris - Business Manager

Jessie Brown - Administration

Rhiannon Long - Administration