We are grateful for the talented and dedicated staff who work hard to ensure all children of Footscray Primary School experience academic, social and emotional success. The staffing structure for 2024 is below. 


School Leadership Team


Jen Briggs - Principal 

Kathy Winton - Assistant Principal 

Chris Wilson - Inclusion & Engagement Leader

Jackie Robertson - Learning Specialist 

Caroline Donovan - Learning Specialist 

Jenny Campbell - Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader


Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) 



FA - Emily Roberts (English)

FB - Ida Elliott (Italian)

FC - Gabrielle Turner (English)

FD - Candice Vanzin/Jackie Robertson (Italian)


Year One/Two

1/2A - Hannah Clarke/Caitlin Wood (English)

1/2B - Nick Boffa (Italian)

1/2C - Cat Barton (English)

1/2D - Kim Satchell (Italian)


Year Three/Four

3/4A - Carmen Dennis (English)

3/4B - Eleonora Ilari/Rachel Taylor (Italian)

3/4C - Caroline Donovan/Jenny Campbell (English)

3/4D - Sarah Toto (English)


Year Five/Six

5/6A - Ryan Penberthy 

5/6B - Gillian Salisbury

5/6C - Andrew Gray/Chris Wilson

5/6D - Joslyn Csobonyei/Betty Lieu


Specialist Team

Caitlin Wood - Science and Design

Nadine Halpin - Physical Education 

Mastaneh Nazarian/Bryce Turcato - Music 

Anna Zobel - Visual Art (Italian)

Anna Italia - Italian Language 

Joslyn Csobonyei - Tutor


Education Support Staff

Carol Moore - Learning Support

Christine Richsteig - Learning Support

Cristian Trilli - Learning Support - Italian

Joyce Aquilina - Learning Support

Kate Hamlet - Learning Support 

Laura Bellieni - Italian Language Assistant

Nick Green - Learning Support

Pina Fardella - Learning Support

Claudia Galbati - CO.AS.IT Italian Language Assistant

Jessica De Bartolo - CO.AS.IT Italian Language Assistant



Sharon Jones - Business Manager

Katrina Gowans - Administration/Finance

Nellie Baxter - Administration

Katrina Firman - Library