Footscray Primary Concert Band Program


The Footscray Primary Concert Band Program is a space where you can meet new friends, learn an instrument and play in an ensemble environment. Throughout the year you'll learn your instrument and prepare for playing in front of your peers and at school events.


This Program is supported by VU Innovations and facilitated by Chasing Sound. For more information on Chasing Sound or to register, visit


How does the Program work?
One-on-one music lessons happen weekly outside school hours at Chasing Sound: Level 1, 199-201 Barkly Street. Certain instrument lessons fall on particular days. Students build a strong foundation in practical instrument technique, good practice habits and music reading.


After at least one term of lessons, they come together for weekly ensemble rehearsals that are held at the Barkly Street campus of Footscray High school.


What instruments can you learn?

There are lessons available in flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, bass guitar and percussion. The great news too is that thanks to the support of VU Innovations, there are instruments for you to use for a whole year! There are no hire fees for this, just a security deposit.


How long does the Program last?

Students get to take part for a year and use one of the available instruments. During this time, students rehearse with the Junior Band. Towards the end of the year, Chasing Sound supports parents to source an instrument of their own so that these resources can be shared with the next group of students.


After a year of lessons, students graduate into the Senior Band and continue along their musical pathway, participating in school events and enrichment activities.


Why should you take part?

Budding young musicians get the chance to foster their music skills, rehearse and perform with their friends and connect with musical pathways in high school and their community. They learn how to work towards deadlines, build skills in perseverance and perspective and unlock their creativity and sense of community.


Plus, it’s just bunches of fun! Register your interest now!



Footscray Concert Band Communication lines 


Chasing Sound - Anything to do with your music lessons, questions about instruments, resources for your instrument, music  ( or 8317 1086). 


Footscray High - Away from ensemble, music, general information related to Footscray High, email chain for events that are related only to Footscray High school contact Paul Dooley (


Footscray Primary - Where to get information regarding the FPS Concert Band (website) Event that are exclusive to Footscray Primary (Jenny Briggs)