Donate Swap Sell

We are excited to announce a new parent led initiative for students and families of Footscray Primary School (FPS)

Who wish to buy, sell or swap second-hand school uniform items to reduce waste, ensure uniforms continue their useful life after children have finished with them and provide low cost or free uniform options to families.

The site will be hosted on Facebook and will operate in a similar way to the very popular Inner West Buy, Sell and Swap by providing a simple tool to connect people looking to donate or sell school uniform items with people looking to purchase them. Once a purchase or donation agreement is made on the site, it will be up to individuals to communicate and make arrangements to collect or deliver and make any necessary payments.

The site will provide further information and guidelines. It will be a closed group, so you will need to request to become a member, which you can do here -

Anyone who would like to be involved in the program or represent their year level as an administrator on the site can contact Cat Harding via the group on Facebook.

Footscray Primary School lends its endorsement to the initiative and its facilitation of second-hand uniform sales and trades, however it is a community led initiative and the school will not enter into any discussions regarding transactions and respectfully request the FPS office is not utilised as a drop off or collection zone and that parents and carers manage any financial transactions between themselves and do not send cash to school with children. We would expect all FPS families to operate within the guidelines of the platform and in keeping with our school values of respect, responsibility and cooperation.

We believe with your support, this initiative will be a fantastic way for people to rehome and reuse uniform items once they have finished with them as well as provide low cost options to those who need them.